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I've lately brought a chin up bar and I thought it worked so well that I recommend anyone whos into working out to buy this. You can do a wide rang of excerises with this bar and the price is good and you dont need to drill any screws into the door frame.

(The bar itself isn't going to get you the body like the model, it depends on your diet.)

JML Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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You can get it from asda also (but no hanging ab straps, damn!). It's good for press up variations.

The only thing I didn't like was that you have to keep your legs bent at 90 degrees, it's not easy for guys 6ft+.

Also, the wide hold pulls are not easy as the bar is quite close to the door..

But its not bad for the money.

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About two weeks, its good! I thought the door frame would come down but its really robust and the bar itself does not move around while using it.

I've seen these before. They work by directing the force of your bodyweight horizontally into the door frame instead of it pulling down vertically. This way the frame can withstand a lot of force because it gets squeezed.

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