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Download Bharthari'S Vairaag Shatak (Steek)

Prabhjot Singh

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Brilliant seva as always, my brother! :D

May Guru Ji keep you in chardikala,


Just a few days ago I was about to buy this from Satnam Trust but didn't b/c it was tattered. Now I don't have to, thanks.

I remember running across English translations of a different editor's Vairaag shatuk online, but I haven't been able to find them lately.

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Khalsa Fauj for your info


Surprisingly the steek by Pandit Narayan SIngh Ji covers all three of Bharthari's works and not just the Vairagya Satakam. The Vairagya Satakam is only 100 verses long. The easiest translation is by Swami Madhavananda. The link is below


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