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Martial Arts


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Depends what you want to gain from it.

My advice would be to take up something that offers a complete system i.e. all types of weapons and open hand which uses the same principles as the weapons element.

I would recommend Shastar Vidya or old school forms of Silat or Kali.

Ultimately, its about finding a good teacher, rather than a particular art form per se.

If you are serious about learning, PM me.

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I second Maha SIngh on Ninjutsu. BUT make sure its by one of Gurdev Hatsumi's students! They usually use the names Bujinkan or Togakure Ryu or Tai-Jutsu in their titles.

Ninja Charlatons abound aplenty!

Try Stephen Hayes of the US (a former student of Hatsumi), he should have quite a few schools in Canada

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Looks like you have found the best option. I would go with the above excellent advice, especially as you have a Bujinkan dojo on you doorstep! if you decide to take it up, hopefully you will be passionate enough to go and train with 'Maha-Gurus' abroad, whilst they are still around!

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Master Hatsumi and his art is the bees knees!

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