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Multifaith Calendar Call For Artists' Submissions


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copied from an email, in case anyone's interested.

Hello Everyone.

The Multifaith Calendar is looking for art submissions under the theme "Celebrating Diversity". They would like to feature art from as many different faith groups as possible. It would be great if we could have a strong Sikh image in the calendar.

Please forward this email and attached pdf onto your contacts. And if you have a website or blog, it would be great to have the callout on your website/blog.

This calendar is a great educational tool that lists and explains holidays that are important to 14 different world faiths including Sikhism.

----- Forwarded Message ----


Celebrating Diversity - Multifaith Calendar 2011

Each year artists are invited to submit works of art for the publication of our upcoming Multifaith Calendar.

The Multifaith Action Society would like to extend a gracious note of thanks to all artists who submitted

pieces for the Multifaith Calendar 2010: Cherishing Earth’s Bounty.

We are excited to announce that The Multifaith Calendar will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with the

2011 edition.

The theme for the 2011 edition is: Celebrating Diversity

Work can be of any medium. The interpretation of the theme will be determined by the collection, so we

invite artists to submit images that capture a unique or poignant expression of art or people celebrating

their faith. We are looking to showcase a diversity of faiths in the collection. We encourage all artists to

submit images, including artists who have had their work showcased in past Multifaith Calendars.

Option 1: Submit up to 5 images by low resolution to artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org Should your

piece be chosen, we will contact you and we will need a slide of the chosen image, or a CD with the highest

resolution possible (9 x 9" at 400 DPI). Please note that amateur photography can not be accepted.

Option 2: Send a selection of 5 slides: contact mfcproduction@multifaithaction.org for address. These

will be returned after the selection process is completed in April.

Selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $250 per image ($500 for the cover image) or $100 for

insets (smaller images throughout the calendar) and will receive a set of complimentary calendars.

Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2010

Further information for artists can be found on the Multifaith Calendar website.

Follow the links “Artists’ Call for Submissions” on www.multifaithcalendar.org

For more information, please contact: Multifaith Action Society: mfcproduction@multifaithaction.org

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