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First Sikh to convert to Islam!

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Let's discuss this that what could be the reason behind it.




21st July, 2002

First Sikh to convert to Islam :?

The number of people of other faiths, who have converted to Islam


to increase.

Yesterday four people, including a Sikh girl, embraced Islam together

at a

ceremony at the Islamic Dakwah Centre in Kampong Pulaie, RTB reported


The Sikh girl, Amrita Kaur Sandhu's new Muslim name is Isya Aqillah


Abdullah. Dayang Isya Aqillah, 17, is a student at Menteri Secondary


She decided to embrace Islam because she believes that Islam is a truly



Records show she is the first Sikh to embrace the faith in the country,



The conversion ceremony was witnessed by the Assistant Director the


Dakwah Centre, Dayang Hjh Zasia Sirin. The three other new Muslim


are an Iban, a Bisaya and a Chinese.

Liew Che Liong is now known as Awang Muhammad Zulhilmi bin Abdullah.


Anak Kayok has taken the Muslim name Awang Muhammad Saiful Saidinee bin

Abdullah. Dayang Merdiana Anak Liang is now known as Dayang Nurdiana


Abdullah Liang.

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im happy for her :D

now she can enjoy the pleasures of no equality whatsoever, she can be a human baby makin machine... she can share her husband with 3 other women... she can start preparing herself to take a beatin from her husband if she refuses to sleep with him... she can be seen to have diseases cos she has a natural period...

all in all it was worth it wasnt it :roll: :roll:

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I agree with N30 Bhaji, she probably had a Muslim boyfriend and was brain washed by his nonsense. :roll:

However, if she was Amritdhari, then that is more worrying. :shock:

Muslims are much more active in their missionary activities, Sikhs lack a great deal in this aspect of promoting Sikhi to those interested.



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she can live a life where she can't even open the door wivout her husband not been there out or wivout his permission or if she wants to go out anywhere, even when its her father who is at her door

people go too extreme for the sake of luv, to sikhs attachment is a sin anyway

sometimes sikhs that way will learn the hard way in life

u might neva know, she might go into her sikh faith again

who knows, but goodluck to her, if shes going into a relgion wivout studying her own faith first and or without giving a arguement towards him

then that's just foolishness

i dont care anyway its about u and guru ji

i dont care about what geos on around the world

i let guru ji handle that, who can be betta to handle such people


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and Steel Bangle Ji

u fogot to mentin

that now shes getting da HONOUR OF


and that the Sun orbits around the earth :P



Ooh i also forgot to meantion that she gets to believe da earth is in da MIDDLE of da UNIVERSE ;)

she gets sooooooooo much COnverting to Islam

we should be happy for her innit

she ever gets to believe that there are 11 planets in a universe

I'm so happy for her

*Sarcasm* :roll:

but its raelly a shame how sikhnees convert to another religion without knowing about her own religion which is much more advanced in Science and makes da most sense

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steel bangle u jus made me laugh until my ted was hurting man,

everything u said was so true, but everybodys gotta remember like N30 Singh said that sikhi will never be about quantity but QUALITY, although i gotta say my Ankhar does go off the scale when i read and hear stuff like that :twisted:


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maybe she found god there.

we have to remember that its not only sikhs that get to waheguru. But one thing for sure, a person that converts usualy has little to none understanding of their own religion, then there are others who have studied their scripts and found that other scripts are better, when these people convert, let them go, we should stay firm in our beliefs.

a Singh came up to guru gobind singh ji once as said, there are many hindus and muslims how will we survive?,

Guru gobind singh replied, As long and the sikhs of Kartar [god] are firm and educated in Sikhi, nothing can harm them.

dont worry about people converting, it is just a way that waheguru may be using to purify the sikhi again. Survival of the fittest.

the fittest will remain, and i for one, wish to be one of them, And not these Turks, Pathans who just sit around nuri/kuri maared ah. (aka hukka)

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Hey PPl,

First of all its a shame. its not her fault , its her parents who didn't taught her about sikhism. aslo its a fault of our religious leader who don't pay attention to this kind of things. its just not this, i have heard, in punjab , some poor sikhs becomes christian. cuz christian preacher goes to the poor areas and help poor ppl there and then slowely and study convert them into christanity. So who's fault is this. who need to preach sikhism???. why we are ignoring poor sikhs?? what do they do with the money ppl donate to all big gurudwaras?? where does this money go??? Can't they help poor sikh with that money also can't the preach more and more where its needed to done.

She made us think that, we have to be carefull now on. What ever , i am feeling bad about this. Rab Rakha.

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Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

Hey people, lets not laugh at the misfortune of this young lady...who knows y she converted and wat she was goin through, after all "Hukmay Ander Sabh Ko, Bahar Hukam Na Koi"

and yea...abt the muslim boyfreind...i dont get it, do u guys KNOW FOR SURE that she has one???

I think we should do ardasaa for her rather than mock her... it really isnt funny but quite sad:?


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yup, well said...A Kaur..and well said at NEO..sikhi is about quality not quantity..but as A kaur said who knows what she was going through

i remember on this form i read earlier..that if someone loses a virginity to a paki..then she/he becomes islamic/paki too

well, there is plenty of apnia ( sikh) kuddiya married to pakiz..so how is this sandhu girl the first one?? !! ...


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Well wel well!!!!! Im not surprised!!


I duno wot the hell these kuria r playing at. IT DRIVES ME MAD!!! koi ukhel nea!!! Suchi though guys - can u contemplate if this gal was out of ur family - wot da hell wud her family do 2 her??? Disown her - beat her i dunooo!!! Let her slip wot da hell???!?!?!?

Like i said b4, these guys go round targeting these gals !!!!!!!

I think its sick.... hor koi kkam ne hega?!?!?!

I heard there wuz a Muslim function or sumthing - and this gal got converted on the sage - tied up rite!!! ANd wot not were these guys doing to here. There wer thousands of ppl in the crowd cheering and screming shouting all MAD stuff out! DIsgusting!!!!!!

All down to company. If she kept a Sikhi Sangat - it wuda bin less likley she wuda converted so eagerly!!!!!

I aint guna judge her - and i try n control ma temper - but if dis ever happend to MY sister... or kids or m8... woteva... i think id seriously brew!

Now imagine if it was urs!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

The importance of telling our gals their heritage isssss sooooooooooo important - they have nothing without it!! Samaj karu ppl!!!!!!

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its only when crap like this happens to sumbody YOU know they really understand!!!!!!!!!

These gals get raped slaughtered beaten crap living conditions, no m8s, no contacts NO NUTTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The husbands send them to OLD uncles and crap like dat....

i kud b so typical now and put it dwn to Karam... prob is....!

But suchi - sumjao kurya noo!!!!!

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