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Katha On Bir Rass, By Akali Baba Trilok Singh Ji Nihang.


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Katha link

Good stuff - they speak about Chandi Di Vaar, the difference between anger and bir-rass and how the only reason that rakshas were created was to remove hankaar of the devi/devte.

Gyani Balbir Singh Ji carries on the same theme (part 4 on that site).

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Anger does = Bir Ras, many people make this mistake.

Bir = Hero / Brave one - Rir Ras is that essence which gives a person courage and mindset to think and act like a Hero, to act bravely, to overcome ones fear, to identify and fight for a worthwhile cause...

Today you see many Singhs justifying the lack of control over their krodh by saying 'teek ya, Singh kol Bir Ras vi hona chahida'...

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