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Videos Of Dasam Granth Debate At Toronto


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I understand there is a TV debate with Masand Gurucharan singh jeonwala tonight at 9 PM at Toronto. The host is same who organized debate between panthic singhs and Inder Ghagha.

May be Fauji can go there with masand jeonwala as he is itching for a debate at Toronto for the last so many months.

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Who is Jeonwala debating? I got no clue. What TV channel is it on? Is it Sur Sagar? I don't have it. I will have to find a place to watch it. It is 9:00 PM EST?

I am surprised at your response.I thought you are their top scholar on Dasam Granth issues.They have not even asked you.

The debate is at 8 pM and not 9 pm as earlier informed.This is on sur sagar.

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any updates on this? whats happening?

I talked to singhs an hour ago.Jeonwala was completely humbled.He admitted that he has not read dasam granth.

There are many words that they were cooking up their own meanings.For example a word landy comes in charitropakhayan.They were writing that this is English word Lady and since it is found in Dasam Granth, this granth is british import.Actually this is braj word and it means coward.

Videos will be up in the next few days.

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Excellent debate. Need few more like this.

I have it on PVR. No idea how to bring it to computer.

Jeonwala is an excommunicated person.We were in double mind whether to have debate with him or not as some persons were advising against it.

Finally it was decided to talk to this masand in public view..This is the way strategy is being planned to tackle this menace of distortion by raising local singhs all over.

May Guru gobind singh ji be ang sang with his singhs.

May be you can convert it into CD and then put it on computer.

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