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Rehat Pyaree Mujh Ko, Atma Gyaan, Ardaas Khalseh Dee

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gurfateh jee,

daas hasnt got a chance to lissen to these katha's but just put on the first one and a singh was reading from somewhere,

does anyone no which granth (sooraj prakaash, vedaant? ithaasik?) that they are reading from??

also which part of any bigger granth (i.e sooraj prakaash - volume, panneh (ideal))

thanks, hopefully maharajs sangataan can help....

its for the folowing katha's:

Aatma Gyaan

Rehat Pyaree Mujh Ko

Ardaas Khaalseh dee (havent downloaded this yet thoe, so not 100% if singhs read from pothee in this)

all can be found on gurmatveechar.com or gurbaniupdesh.org

* just checked ardaas khalseh dee, a gurmukh is also readin from a pothee sahib...

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