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Mohan Singh Ji


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hmmm, ok peeps probably dont know much about him

He teache's youngsters and elders why sikhi is important

and helps prevent sikh children not to go into other faiths, there have been some cases where Sikh children go into Mosque's but i heard once he walked in and took a sikh child out of there, another case which is recent a Sikh woman teaching young kuriyah in a mosque :shock:

but trying there best to turn the tables

lately he had done a 1hr slide presentation inda gurdwara why we shouldn't eat meat as sikhs

he showed a video of a cow getting killed, just for its meat

was well nasty

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hey i know him... he does wicked talks and lectures at gurmat camps in the summer :D . really makes sense!! i think i hav seen him at stratford rd gurdwara!!

CK :)

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I kno dis Gayaniji He is a Sikk teacher teaches everything you everything you need to know in Sikhi

Big up respect

Locatd in Stratofrd Rd Gurudwara (currently under reconstuction) if you need him

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