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Urgently Looking For Three New Moderators....!?


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As you might have realized, this forum is falling apart because random off-topics, personal attacks on virtually every topic. Before forum quality degrades even more, we are urgently looking for strict moderators who looks at every topic for off-topics/personal attacks and any kind of breach to the forum rules and action them accordingly. Moderators can be from any background, jatha does not matter as long as they leave their subjective feeling behind when moderating the forum and moderate this forum objectively using Sikhawareness values(freedom of speech-equal right for everyone to speak out your mind as long as its done sensibly and in civil tone) and rules. For eg- zulu applied despite of his background. He is being consider for moderator position as we speak.

Anyway, we need three moderators preferably from different time zones. One from Canada, rest from uk would be fine. Before applying, please keep in mind, your 100% commitment and consistency in moderation of this forum is required.

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