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need help with Cool Edit 2000


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first off, i have no idea what i'm doing..i have some recorded kirtan from a recent samagam, so i wanted to upload it.. because i didn't have my good tape deck, i couldn't just go line out line in, type of thing......so i played it, connected it to a set of speakers and a subwoofer....and put my computer mic near the speakers and such to get sound....now there's a bunch of hissing...they say by using cool edit i can get rid of the hissing....

can anyone help me..i only have 7 days left, cuz of the free trial *ahem* n30 singh hook me up:D *ahem*

thanks alot


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K wat u do is that have goto ur sound properties u can do that by going through the control panels and sounds or u can usually click the Speaker icon in the system tray.

Once u get that up u mute everything except ur mic. that helps to remove the echos and other noises. But since u are recording from the mic the sound quality won't be good.

So wat u need to do is get one ear phone and cut the little speakers . So u end up with the wire on one side and the PIn on the other. plug the wire side into ur Hifi's speaker output at the back and put the put the pin into the sound card's LINE IN and u got line in and out system.

Thats the best way to record cos the sound quality will be good.

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