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Warrior Ballads Of Other Quoms


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Was bored so I went to see an Irish band last night:

They played a lot of okay tunes, many were what they call rebel songs but this one really stuck in my mind.

You guys must hear it! It has some swearing - so be warned if you're the sensitive type.

I was wondering if this is their equivalent to the more militant dhadhi vaars?

Irish culture is cool.

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No, this is no way compares to Guru Hargobind Sahibs introduced tradition of Dhadi Vaaran.

Dhadi Vaaran hold a very sacred and prestigious role in the Gurus Darbaar (as opposed to drunken lout infested pubs).

Read Amarnama to get an idea of the Dhadi tradition and importance 1st hand.

Dhadi Vaaran are 1st and foremost Dharmic, as opposed to simply holding on to some bygone era and being divisive and egocentric.

The aim of all Dhadi Vaaran is instill education/warrior spirit/respect in the Sikh tradition - to install tools that will give one strength to be a SANT Sipahi.

A better equivalent would be the Dharmic songs the Shias sing about Imam Ali and the heroics/chivalry of his sons - esp before Iranian conflicts, I am sure there must be some vids on youtube (Iraq/Iran) war. Their folk tradition is very powerful and Dharmic based - and always a massive emotional effect on the listeners.

Other equivalents would be tribal traditions around the world - who sing of past conflicts/heroic acts which were supported by the creator (as they understand him).

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I like the way you are so quick to term another culture's living musical tradition as the product of drunken loutery. None of the Irish I saw last night were behaving yobbishly (some English were though). Anyway, isn't that being a bit holier than thou? You REALLY need to get over the snobbery.

You CAN draw parallels between musical traditions that are designed to inspire, protest and provide a non mainstream view in conflicts. Some dhadhis vaars do just that. So whilst there are massive differences between dhadhis and what I posted, there is appreciable overlap too.

Do you just disagree with me for the sake of it now? Seems like it.

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Lol, no I don't disagree with you for the sake of it.

I didn't actually insult the Irish singers, only the environment in which they sing - this makes a massive difference in comparison. I am actually a fan of all types of 'traditional' British (and worldly) Folk, with the above example coming under the banner of modern folk (not taking away anything from it though).

A more correct comparison would be modern Punjabi folk which isn't restricted by 'Gurus' requirement for discussion of socio-political issues in Dharmic framework (as per Dhadi Vaaran). Kuldip Manak shows in the UK are a perfect example of an alcholhol fuelled environment (him not being unknown to have sunk a few bottles of 40% before entering the stage) where he filled Punjabi hearts with songs of how great Punjab and Punjabis (am Jatts) are and the those ******** that have attempted to scar them.

""You CAN draw parallels between musical traditions that are designed to inspire, protest and provide a non mainstream view in conflicts."

I agree on this point, but in the context of modern lok sangeet rather than Dharmik framed Vaaran.

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