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Pakistan Starts Interrogation In Tribal Areas


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That is quite light weight for a beating and going to the police station in India/Pakistan often involves a beating (or worse).

If these guys are innocent than it is bad, but if they are undercover Taliban supporters then.....

Have you ever seen one of those beheading videos they are so fond of? If not, look it up. Those guys chop off a head slowly and look like they're loving it.

Eye openingly, look at the comments to the video, you can see typical Pakistani 'in denial' mode responses in that they can't believe their own people can do any evil. Look how many say, that the soldiers are Indian. That is yet another example of people that live in ladida land about negative things their own people do. We have loads in our panth too.

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Those guys getting beats don't look like Taliban fighters though. They look like their chachay or something.

If those Paks want to give beatings they should at least beat the right people........but you know how it goes on the subcontinent, anyone easily at hand will do for retribution.....

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