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Bijai Mukt?

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What is this Bijai Mukt? Some say it is authored by tenth Patshahi some say it isn't. It is some sort of rehatnama, isn't it?

Some quotes of I found on net:

"Bijai Mukta Sakhi Dasvi(it is part of 500 or Panj Sau Sakhi perhaps and some attribute this to Guru)"

"The second Sau Sakhi is Bijai Mukt Sakhi Dasavi. This part of Panj Sau Sakhi, which is said to be work of Tenth Master himself(we have lord Jesus as per new testament also making point clear with stories). Note worthy story in here is Tenth Master respecting the usage of beef by scavenger community."

"...Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa should keep hair unshorn, have flowing beard and have simple Dastaar which saves from impiety. Then the Sikhs asked what would happen to those Amritdhari who start cutting their hair or do not keep their hair covered. The Guru replied that they would be stupid and would lose their sensibility. It is a blemish to remain bareheaded...Always keep two turbans. When the bigger turban is removed, the smaller be kept. The smaller turban should not be removed."

(Bijai Mukat Dharam Shastra - Sakhi-8)

"Keshas be washed. Turban or Dastaar should not be placed on floor but should always be kept with due respect. Food should not be eaten bareheaded."

(Bijai Mukt Dharam Shastra, Sakhi 70)

So is Bijai Mukt a part of the original Sau Sakhi?

Is it available in shops?

I am sure it is not by Dasam guru, but since I am interested in all Puratan Rehatnamas I want to know about it.

Known as Bijai Mukt - Bijai Mukt Granth - Bijai Mukt Patshahi 10 - Bijai Mukt Dharam Shastra etc

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You guys are blind. I showed so much proof and you guys ignored it.

Guru Nanak Sahib Maharaaj was right. MOORKHAN NAAL NA LUJHIAI. You haven't read Dasam Granth or all Charitropakhyan (I read all 405 tales myself but you guys still won't believe it) yet are so blind about it.

If you can't discuss then I won't waste my time posting stuff. I proved Mani Singh Bir/Delhi Bir etc wrong. ALl you guys could say is no its not blabla... Instead of giving some reasons. You can't defend it and you know it.

Stay on topic from now on.

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You need to grow up before you scare others.You also need to take care of your turban that is rolling in dust at present as you do not have guts to keep it on your head before you scare others.

RSS agents are those who muddy plus 300 years of sikh history.RSS agents are those who follow those excommunicated heretics whose writings are copy of Rajinder Bhaiya's ( RSS chief) book " Hum Hindu hain" and have been written at their instance somehwere in UP.

These RSS agents disown sikh rehat maryada and amrit sanchar banis of tenth master.Why these agents are still writing on sikh forums when they have abandoned sikhism?

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