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Excommunicated Prof Darshan Singh In Uk

Maha Singh

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I dont really care for this bloke nor do i take notice of what his views are, as those who are against Sri Dasam Darbar cannot be changed regardless of how much debate is entertained with them, but those who protest and lobby against "anti sikhs" may be interested to know that he is in the UK.


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Message from Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar on Facebook

"Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh...

Khalsa ji....Some anti-dasam baani elements in UK tried to hold Darshan laal's kirtan at Miri-Piri Gurudwara in Southall! The organizers of this programme, Jaswant Thekedar(who called Sant ji '' Agent of Congress''), manmohan (halaal eater frm Dal Khalsa????) , Gulli of dead ak47 group, and Tiger Group ( Patit,shaved,liquor drinker dogs of Darshan) knew it would create a trouble, still they went against Hukamnaama of Akaal Takhat and kept this programme.

This was a direct challenge to Panthic Singhs of UK, and SInghs from DAL Panth and Damdami Taksal took it up as a challenge. . Khalsa Fauj from BUDDA DAL, TARNA DAL, DAMDAMI TAKSAL and Sangat from southall gathered outside the Gurudwara to protest against Darshan .

There was heavy police deployment outside Gurudwara and Nindaks were inside waiting for Darshan. When some singhs tried to enter the Gurudwara, a dog of Darshan from so called tiger group(clean shaven patit) hit a Singh with a Iron rod on head, which enraged the Singhs! As the Singhs challenged the Nindaks to come out of Gurudwara and face the Sangat, they hid behind Palki of Maharaj.

Latest reports say the programme has been cancelled.And Fauj has been successful in its morcha against Darshan Ragi the Nindak.

Sangat will be updated as soon as i'm able to get any updates and pics will be posted soon!

May Guru Gobind SIngh ji Maharaj bless all the SInghs, all his Khalsa SONS who stood and fought for his honour and His Baani's Honour.

UK Fauj has lived upto its name of being the most Beloved and faithful Fauj of Guru Gobind SIngh ji Maharaj!

Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaall heee Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall''uuhhh!

Akaal ji sahai!

Mahakaal Ji sahai!"

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