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Subaig Singh Versus Jurijs Davidovs Fight


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Can't wait to see the full quality video!!!


Crappy temporary video

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Really nice photos.

Good fight (for Subaig Singh) too, although I think he rushed into it trying to provoke Jurijs way too quickly.

Hope he doesn't get over-confident, under-estimating the opponent has been the downfall of many a sports and street fighter...

Chakdai, Sue-Bayg Singh, Singh is King... hope they think of something a little more original to shout next time!

Not sure about gjaaing Gurus jaikara in that sort of 'entertainment' environment.. it's hardly Dharam Yudh. That doesn't take anything away from Subaig Singhs great efforts to train and participate in a sport he is clearly professional and passionate about! Best of luck to him in his next fight!

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This fight wasn't really challenging for Subaig, he should have knocked that guy out. I don't think the other guy got a single shot in.

Subaig's next fight is on May 29th. He hasn't been matched with a fighter yet.

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Having watched the fight again I have to add, Subaig took full advantage of the dazed Jurijs when he landed that punch @ around 3.24 and the other guy lost his feet in mid attack.


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