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Converting Muslim..Cutting hair ....What is the difference??

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Execellent Question veer.

I would like to please to answer you question.

First thing- If you are born in a sikh family. I think even if you cut your hair you still have love and attachment with sikh guroo's and saints. And you still go to gurdwara and do namaskar to guru granth sahib ji maharaj, ask for the forgiveness of whatever they have done in the life. They still have faith in guroo nanak patsah.

You gotta understand veer. Taking amrit or not taking amrit is not in control of one's life. You dont choice to take amrit. Vaheguroo does it for you. why??? Because that is decided from your past life deeds your past karma whether your seed of spirtual development has been grown already or not. If not then again rebirth and then again rebirth of 8.4 million reincarnations. In that long process soul start learning it.

Thats why guru arjan dev ji maharaj ji said:

Eho tari vaarii aaa Gobind millan diii

Oh Human, this is chance to meet god dont let it waste this precious human life (SGGS)

Because soul in animal form neither it can think or have a ability to get savlation. Its only the human life that god gave us. so we shall not waste it.

Comin back to your orginal question. My answer would be none is wrong. If a person converts that is defanitely written on his/her head before that such an such person will convert to islam, or convert to sikh etc.

There are cases veer. Where muslim saints by nishkam bhakti born into sikh family in their next life because they are sent by akaaal purkh. Vaheguroo belongs to every being not only sikhi. So if you were to do deep reasearch on saints you will found out that most saints sent by akaal purkh their soul doesnt belong to any specific relegion.

For example christian/islam/hindu/buddhism saint can born as sikh saint in his next life and vice versa. I know christian and islam dont beleive in recincarnation. But i disagree, recincarnation concept is soooo sooo strong that so called christians/islamic intellectuall's cant prove recincarnation wrong. Since there were christians who know their past life.

So I would say everything is happening be happy and take it as akaal's will. We as humans can educate youths only. If its akaal will no matter how hard we try it wouldnt work.

so its better to accept the facts and keep doing seeva of educating youths. If doesnt work..no worries...keep doing it. Sikhi cant be root out..Its a truth from akaal purkh. It was created by akaal purkh himself. How can it go away??? Truth no matter how many you twist Truth. It will stay the same.

Have faith in guroo's. Whatever guroo's said it will happen. Be obbessive with guroo's word with no doubts. watch you will see our guroo sahiban in no time...vaheguroooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

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I'm not without sin, but i hope i can b reborn a sikh in da after-life by God's grace.

why wait till then??? u have the chance now to free urself

Bhai prapat manukh dehuria

Gobind milan kee eh teree buriaa||

Avar kaj terai kita na kam

Mil sadh sangat bajh keval Naam||

Through the grace of God, you've been blessed with this human (manukh) life

This is your golden opportunity to meet the Lord ||

All other duties are of no use to you

Meet the company of holy saints and meditate on the Name ||

(Guru Arjan Dev Ji)

fateh ji

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this might sound a bit dodgy or a weird and UNACCEPTABLE question cus iknow u shud ALWAYS remeber God - but is there any actual technique to it???

The only way i can think is by tryna bring SIkhi into all my life - not jus when im at home... i know, im not asking if u shud remeber, but is there an actual processss to it??? If no fine, but if yes, might b helpful to know...??????????????????????????????

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k4ur, it comes with time.. as your gian increases then it kinda becomes natural to u.. like you could be sittin down and japji sahib is going thru ur mind.. or with every breath u say "waheguru".. it can come to a level when ur even doin simran in ur sleep :shock: :wink:

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tru said steel bangle jee. gr8 jee .

it kinda becomes natural to u

its da situation

"jeena saas geeras naa veesreh har naama man maant

dhan se seyi naanaka puran soi sant"

even doin simran in ur sleep

sant isher singh jee maharaj reached tis level. tis is level called saas giras simran. no need 2 jaap by rasna.

dhan guru nanak dhan gur nanak.

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just a point on concentration.

get some shabad or paath, learn every singh word in there and its meaning. You should know this inside out. It will take some time. If you work hard at it no more than couple of hours.

Then get a gutka which has jioned up words (larivar) of a differnt shabad but same raag. (doesnt have to be of same raag, but if you notice when you read raags in order they are closely linked and the words are usually similar)

Try reading this, and as you are reading it, your mind will have to concentrate on not only splitting the words but trying to understand the concept the shabad.

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