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Kumbh Mela 2010

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I had the honor of staying with the Nirmala Panchyati Akhara for a few days during the 2010 Maha Kumbh Mela celebrations.

I plan to post pictures on this phorum of the event, it was a great time, and I met many great Mahapursh.

This photo was taken quite literally right after the ishnaan, you can still see how they are wet.

Sant Gyan Dev Singh Ji Maharaj, head of the Nirmala Panchyati Akhara, Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma Mukhi Damdami Taksal, Sant Ji from Amritsar (name is on the tip of my tounge, hes the one holding hands with Sant Gyandev Singh) and Giani Inderjit Singh Ji are all viewable in the picture.

BTW if anyone knows the name of the Sant from Amritsar, please post.


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More Pictures:

The first is Har Ki Pauri, this is where everyone did their ishnaan.

The second picture is the langar after the ishnaan back at the Nirmala Akhara in Haridwar.

The third is from Nirmal Baag, another Gurdrawa where Nirmalay were conducting an Akhand Paat program with multiple saroops of Adi Guru Granth Sahib. The picture is from the bhog day when Aarti is being performed, I must say I have never seen such a beautiful aarti done.




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Great photos!

More names - although facing away from the camera, in the bhandaar/langar photo there is Mahant Lakshman Singh Ji of Lakheempur Khera dera, shish of Swami Avatar Singh Ji. He also spent many years with the highly respected Mahant Hari Singh ji in Dera Gali Bagh Vali in Amritsar. Next to him is myself on his right, and the elderly Mahant Purushottam Singh Ji Shastri of Delhi on his left. You also have Mahant Baldev Singh Ji (forget which Dera he runs) further towards the left of the photo.

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The first picture is of the Darbar Sahib set up, this is before all the Sant Mahapursh came in.

The second picture is of a great painting that was placed infront of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It depicts the story when Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent 5 Singhs to learn Sanskrit and which marked the start of the Nirmala Sampradya.

Third picture is of the Darbar Sahib with all the Sant Mahapursh present.

The fourth picture is the head of the Nirmala Panchyati Akhara, Sant Gyandev Singh Ji Maharaj.

The fifth picture is of Gyani Sher Singh, who showed up a day after the ishnaan. His student, Sandeep Singh (a Nihung Singh) was around for the shahi and the ishnaan, and was extremely helpful and friendly to me.






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