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Sikh Women's Rights!


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Found the article below on the following site:


What can be done to change the mentality of these narrow minded people in power?

Rude Awakening

By Anju Kaur

Sunday, January 19, 2003 - 10:55 PM GMT

Sikh women have been denied equal rights for a long time, even at Darbar Sahib. I would have found it unimaginable if I hadn't experienced this discrimination first hand.

Back in 1994, my family and I arrived at Darbar Sahib very early in the morning to watch the Guru Granth Sahib being carried across the sarovar walkway. As the gates opened and the palanquin arrived, we saw people, only men; take turns to help carry the palanquin. I told my mom I wanted to do that too. That was when she told me we were not allowed to. My mom disappeared into the crowd and then I heard her voice telling me to go ahead. I had every right and I did. I pushed my way into the crowd and held on for only a couple of seconds until the crowd swept me away. My mom had managed to do the same. We both got yelled at …whatever. We were both happy for the moment.

The experience was quite a rude awakening. It was painful to see that a basic tenet spelled out by our Gurus was not being followed, not even at Darbar Sahib.

This is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is so fundamental that it has grown tentacles into all kinds of other problems that face Sikh society. Denial of equal seva at Darbar Sahib is at the surface, but what lies beneath is the attitude of Sikh society that women are inferior, the practice of dowry, women cutting their hair, domestic violence, the preference of male babies, and female feticide.

The equality of Sikh women has become just lip service in practice and Sikh political and religious leaders are parties to this hypocrisy.

While Sikh leaders admit that gender discrimination is against the tenets of Sikhi, they stop short of taking action. They can only offer lame excuses like "orthodox Sikhs will retaliate." Does "orthodox" mean that one can pick and choose which tenets to follow? Sikhi-by-committee is a dangerous idea. Sikh tenets do not need anyone's approval.

Doing the right thing is not always the popular thing to do, but it has to be done. This crisis should be looked upon as an opportunity for Sikh leaders such as Jathedar Joginder Singh and SGPC's Kirpal Singh to make a real difference. They must use their positions as bully pulpits to liberate Sikh women and set an example for Sikhs all over the world.

We can overcome our problems.

Equality is the Guru's hukam. Live the truth. Start by letting the beautiful words of the Guru Granth Sahib, sung by the sweet voices of women, resonate from Darbar Sahib.

Who agrees? How can we make this a reality?


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Seriously though, wish we could do something from abroad, but if the American Sikhs had no luck then I dunno :roll:

Wish we had some sort of a opposition party, we could call it the Bibi-brigade? :wink:

We have to start making changes though, we don't want Sikhi becoming a male dominated religion like Islam! :evil:

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In sikh society women have more rights than any other relgn. , seva at darbar sahib is not that big a problem i hope that its going to be resolved with time.

well although much can be done to improve that but the situation aint that bad ....and things are improving and i dont see much of dowry or descrimination happng...

its still there but not that much

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seva at darbar sahib is not that big a problem i hope that its going to be resolved with time.

i dona know why this issue is raised so much ? if frm past, singhs only r doing sewa inside harmandir sahib wats wrong in tat ?

i personally feels this is a dirty politics only. if ladies wana do sewa , they can do it in their local gurdwaras, or at home. guru is same everywhere.wat count is ur sharda not da place where u r doing sewa ?

is n't ?

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