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Sher E Punjab Of Uk


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is anyone here from the shere punjab organisation which was formed to protect our people ? or does anyone know abt them ?

Try asking on Sikh Sangat. I'm sure I read something fairly recently there about the Shere Panjab being restarted.


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Don't forget to get the free ball-point pen and special 'SP' ring, once you become a fully fledged member.

You can take the piss, but I know around where I lived, some of those guys did a lot of good. But we can tell their message was wasted on West 'wesside' London, where the Singhs still regularly get beaten up by Somalis and Pakis despite being a majority. Says it all......

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the thing is our guys there dint try , just as our guys are not trying here.

u know even if i come up with this , they will give me a 100 reasons to pull me down.

recently there was an ad in the newspaper which showed a sikh doing his salutation to the idol of jesus, in a way they were trying to show .

i decide to protest and spoke to different people , the reaction was " if the sikh did that volutarily how does it matter ? "

the newspaper dint mind showing sikhs and hindus bowing to jesus BUT think what could have happened if they showed a sulleh ?

if the fear of showing a sulleh doing the same thing stopped them then the same fear should have invoked in the mind of the publisher but it did not

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