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Sant Kazhan Singh


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Doesn't matter who was the best, point was he was an amazing person - who devoted his life to kirtan. He was an amazingly talented musician and upheld puratan kirtan maryada, namely through playing the traditional Sikh percussion, the Jori (which uses atte vaala dhumma) to play khule haath vale bol.

During his time, reminants of the the Amritsar Baaj would still have existed, so the puratan dhumma vidya would have lied there also.

On a classical Indian music sense, Sant ji probably would not have been rated as 'the best'.

Sukhvinder Singh (Pinky) has done a good job of filling in his shoes in musical/technical sense, but a Sant is a Sant.

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There is musical talent and then there is 'Raag'. There is less Raag in certain 'well known' and commercialized Ragis today than in 1 finger of a Sikh like Ragi Khajan Singh. He, like those of his status are best known for their love for the Satguru. He at one point stop playing the Tabla all together when the Satguru diverted attention towards anything else other than him during Kirtan. Definitely a beloved Sikh of the Satguru and much missed personality.

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