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Bobby Friction Reports From The Pinds Of Panjab

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Friction In The PIND!

Bobby Friction 23 Mar 08, 03:26 PM

Phewww..back to work on air on tuesday but need to paste this pic up, as after the Delhi metro system the 'other' side of India slapped me full on in the face. But more of that in a moment..

This trip to India has been a 'family' affair unlike my yearly trips to DJ - so no 5 Star hotels, No Bollywood shenanigans, No watching 1000 drunk Punjabis dance as I DJ, or no exploration of India's thriving electronic & guitar underground. Its been a 'show the relatives the new wife situation' and has meant chai, samosa, butter chicken and lots of me going slowly mad.


The positive of this though is my cousins and 'real' indians I meet on family trips are always my bell-weathers on how India's doing. Its all very cool staying in a nice hotel and thinking you've seen the real India but years of spending time with family just 'chilling' & 'living' with them give you a sense of what day to day life is like on the sub-continent and what drives them as well as their beliefs. The view from my family in the cities is the same its been for 5-6 years now - that being thats for all its multiple faults & deep problems India is slowly on its way up and is heading for a slightly better tomorrow.

BUT the revelation this trip has been the PIND!!! Yes yes my family are city-walleh and I had never been to the Pind but now that ive been to a pind deeper in the punjab than anyhwhere I've been before I am officially 'In Love'.

I dont have time to go into specifics now but i can tell you the folowing observations I made from a city-centric-brit-asian-bobby-friction perspective.

1. All the boys in the pind DONT follow Bolly heros like they do in the cities - they all look lke JAzzy B!!!! (right down to the bleached spikey hair and big khanda necklaces

2. Religion is EVERYWHERE

3. The local temple is EVERYTHING

4. The place might stink of cow dung and and most people cant speak english but their houses are bigger than city houses and they all have better cars, jeeps, motorbikes than city types

5. Bhangra is EVERYTHING (Indian bhangra with deep lyrics that is - not many Brit-Asians are known here like they are in the Punjabi cities)

6. Its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP here like India in the old days - Delhi getting as expensive as Paris I tells thee!!

7. People in Punjab are as freaked about loss of their 'culture' as some white people in Britain are. (because of inward indian immigration from other states)

8. Australia is the new promised land becoming the the place everyone wants to go - not the US, UK or Canada.

9. Cows are cool.

10. I saw a cow jump 2 bycycles and 2 'manjhay' (beds) in a rural sports competition - Now thats far cooler than anything Ive seen in New York or San Francisco!

Anyway - here's me gone native.....see ya next week


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The bit about all brothers looking like 'Jajjy Bee' is funny.

Funny thing is that guy has NO sense of style whatsoever! He looks like a complete buffoon for the most part! No idea why anyone would dream of imitating his 'style', but unfortunately I've heard the same from other people who have visited India recently.

Damn you Jaswinder Bains!

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I wanna live in pind too. Thinking of getting a small hut in leh, ladakh in India. :D

yaar we cant buy property there ! courtesy : article 370

kashmiri sulleh buy property there and are causing probs, i use to eat at a praaji 's dhaaba there, he was like godsend for me, i couldnt survive on momos and thukpa ! :o

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