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Southern Praying Mantis


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Chow Gar Mantis Ip Shui demonstrating "Virgin Boy Skill" (the ability to suck the testicles into the abdomen at will):


His student Paul Whitrod is a badass also and teaches in the UK (in London, I think):




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Paul really is a tuffnut, I could tell you a few stories....

He teaches Kalari also and is practitioner of Chinese and Indian (south) traditional medicine. I buy my Ditdarjow from him now, and many respected teachers in the UK also use his conditioning medicines.

All joking aside, Ip Shui is a real Master, and is Dad was a legend. Their speed, power and skill was unbelievable. Apart from Pauls school their is another associated with Master Ip Shui which is run in London by Sifu Mark Leung.

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Fixyaup lotion.

Praying Mantis is a very hard style, drills aim to toughen practitioners up so they are pain resistant, whilst being able to generously give out the same..

Genuine Pukulan Silat (rare now, as most Silat has sadly become a sport or exhibition) styles are also very hard/aggressive, and they utilise a similar healing application (based on Indian Medicine, as Silat is an Indian fighting form, adopted by the Indonesian-Muslims).

Basically, these medicines heal up your bruises in a day or so, so you can continue your training more quickly. They also help to ensure your ligaments, muscles and bones are kept healthy for the long term, as those who don't use the medicines, have been known to deveop problems later on in life due to the hard conditioning culture.

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Here are some boys who have a club in Birmingham, I think they practice the 'Iron Wire' system of Southern Mantis.

Albeit being entertaining, the videos show how these guys take their training very seriously and the passion they have for their art. There are some great conditioning tips, and you can see the guys performing drills to identify the applications within the traditional forms.

This is how Singhs should be meeting and training all over the UK. Today I see the 'Singh' in most communities other than those which used belong to Singhs, lets see if we can reverse this placid/lazy/complacent disease which has over-taken our quom.

Be inspired...

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