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Kabaddi World Cup 2010

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India beat Pakistan 58 - 24 in the final of the Kabaddi World Cup 2010. In essence it was more like East Punjab beating West Punjab. There was an interview of the Pakistani captain in one of the videos and his every third word was 'inshallah' I'm all for respecting peoples' beliefs but it won't be long before they start saying things like 'I'm going for a dump inshallah'!

Anyway enjoy the videos.



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Superb athletic ability. India seemed to be the only one with Pehlvani take down skills though!

It would be fantastic if Kabbadi was ever to become an Olympic sport. The commentators had me in stitches.

Not sure what your Inshalla comment has to do with the price of rice, if you had actually ever spent time with any Muslims, yo uwould know its completely normal for them to praise God with each sentance, no different to devoted Gursikhs every 3rd word being Vaheguru.

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