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Difference Between Consciousness, Soul, Spirit And Astral Body?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh Ji,

I would like to ask what are the differences between consciousness, soul, spirit? Is it possible for humans to create any of these?

Science has now evolved in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we can now create a-life and create applications which posses consciousness.

Science defines life by MRSGREN (MOVEMENT, RESPIRATION, SENSITIVITY, GROWTH, REPRODUCTION, EXCRETION and NUTRITION. These application of alife are using exactly these elements, what is life, what is self, what are we? If we cut a finger off (an ang) the rest of us lives (if it does not cause too much damage to the rest of our system) was the finger we cut a piece of us, are we now 2, if our hair falls is that us? Where are the consciousness, soul, spirit and astral body located (if they exist)? What material proof is there of the presence of such things, is there any monitored behaviour of such in existence, can we monitor and prove the notion of the soul? What is RU, ATMA and Zameer?

Just found this : maybe someone could answer the question from it http://krishna.org/artificial-intelligence-getting-computers-to-think/


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh Ji,

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consciousness, soul, spirit

What do you mean by these terms? They have become so vague as to be able to express a wide variety of different concepts. My belief is that Consciousness is inherent in everything to differing degrees. So we cannot create Consciousness we are gifted with a potentiality of developing more Consciousness in ourselves, this is our duty to God. To make machines which are called 'intelligent' or 'conscious' is B*llocks. It is an insult to equate a man made machine to a God-made Human. Humans cannot rival God in the creation of conscious entities, they can only serve.

The proof of the things you talk about can only be found within a human being through introversion. Subjective experience is not accepted as proof by modern science. But like external proofs of phenomena can be false or true so also internal proofs of phenomena can be true or false. Modern science does not recognise and consider internal phenomena and the experiencer of internal phenomena. It regards experience as orginating from external things, which set in motion other things in a Human being which is seen as an inert robotic receiver of external phenomena, which he is powerless not to be influenced by (well, in a nutshell, this is the case)

So asking for proof of the soul and spirit from the viewpoint of modern science is not a good idea. Firstly because you may cause insult to certain concepts which have been introduced into human life for the benefit of all humanity, these concepts are a gift and should be approached with veneration and awe, they are not items that can be purchased from the shelf of a local Tesco by anybody and they are not matters for idle curiosity. A rigorous pattern of discipline purity and cleanliness should be followed whence doing vichaar over these concepts.

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The whole idea of programs which are conciousness already exist for instance in electric grid systems, there is a whole discipline in alife how I know is not from watching movies but actually studying into it myself and meeting people who have actually developed conscious systems, they make decisions themselves based on awareness factors hence the idea of intelligence the whole science field within computer science is there. What does atma do, does it make decisions, how is it possible for one to retain memories in another life if our memories are stored in the physical mind which go when we die, it turns to dust, does the atma hold subject to our experiences does it have a say in it, what is the idea of mind and soul where does it overlap then? In terms of proof, not all proof is subjective to true/false the idea of Boolean exists mathematically however in reality we live in the idea of Fuzzy too in a non-linear plane of thought as well.

The idea of such science might repulse you, but it could be the next step in humanities technological shifts from a marketing perspective where quality of life could be enhanced from medical developments which would result in this field as well. The idea of internal proofs has found itself in its own pseudo science, such as this fellow:

However alot of scientists find his theories baseless, our internal phenomena is being proven on various scales such as heart monitors, synapses, brain activity, alpha radiation is being monitored near pineal and pituitary gland the only ideal location of what we may class as the dasamdwaar, so if we want to monitor greater ideas from a neurological stand point there has to be a greater epistemology developed. Please lets not resort to insults in a discussion, it is human nature to insult and degrade things which are beyond our own understanding; if you wish to develop a greater understanding in this you can try here http://www.computer.org/portal/web/intelligent/home also there are masters degrees and phds in this subject. But the question now is what makes man more then a biological machine, the question might be better understood from a movie bicentennial man;

This science fiction is starting to approach a reality, conciousness does not need a robot or android form however smaller forms of robots exisit which could be used to house such a thing, from this movie they reflect the soul as something which is self-invoked feelings and thoughts but our feelings can be summed as something flesh bound from hormones, chemicals, imbalances and other experiences. So what would you consider the soul to be doing, if the mind is making decisions? Additionally creating such a machines is not necessarily an insult however proof of how such a complex mechanism requires a creator, we have evolved everything in our science from what exists from nature and what we know, such as electricity came from our own nerval reactions to it, flight/aviation came from birds flying, etc. One idea however I can think of is maybe the soul has a role in involuntary muscles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Involuntary_muscle) such as the heart, and from what we know our concious can not control it, however all over India there are yogis and sadhus who claim they can stop there heart in meditation, if such is the case then if we claim the soul controls the heart and other involantary muscles maybe through the nerval system in the form of electrical pules, then perhaps the soul resembles something to electrical energy, but we need a better understanding of such a thing, and if not another section of the human brain then what, why then pacemakers, if such an involantary system fails we engineer systems to take over biological failed function if the soul stopped keeping that heart going but a machine now controls that persons life what are they then a person without a soul, a soul which is trapped?, and what is the factor that maps our form in which way our organs are laid out, in which way our cells function what is the glue, blue prints to hold all our elements and cells together in the fashion they exist? What do you think of this http://www.auraphoto.com/ . Also have a look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9ByGQGiVMg&feature=related ASMIO is near that idea but where is its soul.

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Ok this gives more depth to it http://www.pmkc.co.uk/book01/book01_08.html

conciousness is surat. Soul is atma these two and more make the mind.

Question 8: What are the names of Akal Purkh’s (God’s) holy family residing within the human body? What duties are assigned to them?

Answer 8:

The human body, made of five material elements has been called house, village, fort, city and a country. Gurbani describes the divine family that lives in it. The are: Atma (individual soul), Sacha Sabad (the divine word), Naam (the sabad) Jote (the divine light) Dharm Rai (the righteous king), Man (the mind), Chitargupat (the recorder of deeds), Surat (consciousness) Budh (intellect) Dushat Atma (the minions of death), Sato, Rajo, and Tamo gun (the three qualities of Maya) and Kaal (the king of the manifested universe). Dharm Rai is entrusted with the duty to seek record of all of Mind’s deeds and misdeeds from Chitargupat. In addition, he acts as the head of Yamas(the minions of death).


Atma will be the head of this family and keep a watchful eye on each and every member’s role in the game. God is the head of this village and must ever be revered and remembered. Gurbani illustrates this.

But I wish to know if we put the human brain under a mri it produces various scenes of activity if assuming the soul is there it would be assumed to be "Intangible" but its monitored effects on the "Tangible" human brain organ should indicate whether it is there or not? http://www.thehumanbrainproject.com/introduction1.php

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