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Can You Overdose On Ginger [Adhraak]?

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Really loving the old ginger these days.

I pickled a load in a mixture of apple cider and malt vinegar and can't seem to keep myself away from the jar.

My question was whether loads of ginge was bad for you?


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By that way that is apple cider vinegar, not the booze.


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get ready for acidity and spending some 'hot' moments in the loo ! :D

if u dont mind yor ass on fire go ahead !!!!!


Uh oh!


I do usually try and balance though, like taking it before or after a meal.

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One of my relatives (age close to 60) takes raw ginger whenever he feels a cold or flu approaching. He says he has never had a cough, phelgum, or even a runny nose in his life.

But then again he was a very active guy in his youth and still can outwrestle 20 year olds.

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