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Sikhi Leaflets and graphics

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ok here i go ..once again with my big mouth :LOL::LOL:

alright the other day..i was walking through the parking lot of sam's club ( for all those european people, or maybe canadian..sams is a US based warehouse-providin things in bulk) ..anyways as i was walking ..happened to notice this flier kind of thing, mentioning some event at a local gurudwara, and it had like pictures of guru gobind singh ji and guru nanak dev ji ....and i don't know how many people would have walked on it (least a couple thousand) ...before i picked it up ...although i know we shouldn't worship to pictures, etc and etc. ..but don't you folks think its still disrespect ...to put pictures on fliers n such that will be distrubted to any lunda pucha on the street ..lol

second of all, i don't know how many times i have come across where ..me is seen khanda..or another sikh symbol as an graphic on the front..or back of the car....majorily in india !!..i think thats so stupid because we all park our car in the public, and therefore its open to anyone...by chance, what if someone was to "moot"(pee) on it ...just to be foolish n shit..(know how these pakis are these days :cry: ) ..then isn't that the biggest shame..by putting a khanda on a car, doesn't make you any more of a sikh then someone who rides on a bicycle, so why do people do it..think it shud be banned ( lol i know i am dreaming, but this is something that irritates me a lot.!)

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i've noticed that the ppl hoo doo it r either mone, or not rele very devoted sikhs. they dnt rele have ne respect 4 the religoin and proberly dnt folow it..i no i'm generalising sumwhat, but i'm speakin bout the majority...

therfore it dusnt matta 2 em wether sum1 piises on the khanda...they' dget more pissed off bout sum1 pisin on their car and would ignore the fact that there wos a khanda on it. its lyk da ppl hoo go round wearin those khande things rapped round their arms.....its startin 2 becum more of a fasion statement rather than a religous symbol...

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