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Battle Of Dasam Enters Level-2, With Gyani Sher Singh Ji!


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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Some four weeks ago, we were sitting at Bunga of Gyani Sher Singh ji, head granthi Gurudwara Manji sahib, Ambala city. About 8 to10 Singhs stay at bunga fulltime for Gubaani and History Vidya. Gyani ji runs ‘Gurmat Brahm Vidya Kendar’, for giving out Vidya of Gurbaani, Sikh literature and history. There are 12-15 singhs like me who keep visiting bunga for Sangat and Gurmat vichar with Gyani ji. That day we were about 14 people present there, when suddenly Punjab Police and Haryana police entered the Bunga and started asking about Gyani ji and about the activities at Bunga. It was a raid by the police, to pick up Gyani ji, but he was not present that day, so he was saved. Some of the Bhujangs staying at the Bunga were questioned and then the police went back.

Gyani Sher singh ji is from Buddha Dal and one of the most learned scholars of Gurbaani and ancient texts in these times. His father is a farladhari Nihang Singh, Baba Channan singh ji. Gyani ji is one of the leading scholars who have taken steps to counter negative propaganda by anti-sikh forces regarding Maryada, Dasam Baani and Panth. After darshan laal was excommunicated from panth, he gave Rs.2 lakhs to a Punjabi channel, Charhdi kala Time Tv, to buy airtime and give out his clarification to Sangat. The people at channel, seeing big money, converted the programme in a question answer session with Darshan laal. He spewed venom against Akaal Takhat, Jathedars and Maryada. But no one came forward to answer him. We decided at Bunga to answer darshan laal in same coin, Channel was contacted and they demanded same Rs.50, 000 for half an hour, it was big money, but we needed to take our views on air, and we were not being supported by Governments or committees (like Darshan, and even Buddha dal couldn’t help, as everything is under Balbir Seo). Singhs collected money and we bought half an hour time. Gyani ji went on air and in half hour, he refuted all the allegations of Darshan and party and showed how much important Dasam baani is for existence of Panth. This thing irked these agents of Government most; they were upset that no one else was doing parchar like this, only this Gyani, with no money or political support was causing so much damage to their plans. (People like sukhwinder singh babbar from delhi who stopped Darshan laal from holding kirtan did this with inspiration from Gyani ji), lets shut his mouth and they took this battle on to next level.

Gyani Sher singh ji’s student and relative, Gyani Pritpal singh ji does katha at Gurudwara Dukh nivaran, Patiala. His brother, Giani Purshottam Singh ji is also a Kathavachak and parcharak. He along with his wife went to Paonta sahib for Darshan . In the night of 19th march, they were arrested from Gurudwara Paonta sahib, H.P and brought to Zirakpur in Punjab. Here one more person, who was a mona, was arrested. Gyani Purshottam singh’s wife was released on 2oth march. On 22nd march, SSP of Mohali in a press conference announced arrest of a notorious Babbar Khalsa Militant, Purshottam singh from Zirakpur with RDX and ammunition. They were taken on police remand and subjected to inhuman torture. After 12 days in police remand, they were sent in judicial custody. Here Gyani Sher singh ji and Gyani Pritpal singh ji went to meet him and what he said made us all think for a moment, is a war going to be forced on us in garb of Anti-Dasam parchar?

Bhai Purshottam Singh ji told that he was tortured badly, hung upside down and beaten with sticks and iron rods, electric shocks and water was used to torture him. Why? Answer will make you think where things have reached. Police were saying we know you are innocent, but we have orders, you have to name Gyani Sher singh and Pritpal singh as your leader and main conspirator. You have to say that Gyani Sher singh was planning to murder Hindu leaders and carry out bomb blasts. But Purshottam singh refused to say all this or sign on this statement.

Main motive for his arrest was to somehow get Gyani sher singh ji behind bars, so that this parchar going on in favour of Dasam baani is slowed down, so that other parcharaks of Dasam Baani are terrified into keeping mum, and all people who openly speak in favour of Dasam Baani are labelled as extremists, terrorists and anti-social. So that people who are exhorting Sikhs to wear baana, be tyar bar tyar, take Khande da Amrit, be Shastardhari and read Bir-ras baanis of Guru Gobind Singh ji, which all the sikh warriors of all times read, are given the sign to shut their mouths or else they’ll meet the same fate. So that people who want Maryada of Sikhi intact are finished, making way for missionaries, neo-fake-singh sabhaiites and fake khalistanis living in western countries to come in forefront, so that with help of Singers + liquor mafia+ smugglers+ politicians+ missionaries, Punjab could be converted in a state of people who’ll not be Sikhs as Guru Gobind Singh ji envisioned, but they’ll be Sikhs as Government planned them to be, carbon-copies of Hindus and muslims.

After Bhai Purshottam singh ji refused to name Gyani ji despite facing heavy torture, Gyani Sher singh ji’s brother in law, Avtar singh was arrested few days back. His crime- he used to talk to his brother who was sitting in France (purshottam singh), who is wanted by Punjab and Haryana Police in Bhajan laal murder conspiracy case, for which many family members of Gyani Sher singh ji have spent years in jail, including Gyani ji. When Avtar singh was asked why he talked to Purshottam singh France, his reply was ‘for you he might be a terrorist, but he’s my brother, and no law can stop me from talking to my brother’. He was given same option, either incarceration in Jail or take Gyani Sher singh ji’s name. He too refused.

There used to be raids everyday at Gyani ji’s Bunga, and singhs were harassed. Gyani ji sent out a message to all of us to not to come to Bunga for some days, as we might get in some problem despite being innocents. He cares for all of his singhs, students and Sangat. As sangat of Ambala came to know about all this, they all went to Superintendent of Police and asked the reason for harassing Gyani ji and his students. The lady assured that nothing of such type would happen again, as the issue was going out of hands. Raids stopped and the harassment too, but we weren’t allowed to visit him. Today after so many days, I got a call and Gyani ji said in his usual style ‘’ Patshaho Darshan kad deoge’’? I was so happy; first thing I said ‘Gyani ji, I’m waiting for my Panth Parkash debate with you, now I have the chance’! He laughed and said ok, come tomorrow! I said I’m coming today; we’ll debate some other day. In the evening, I went to his bunga and had long discussion, and he wanted me to tell the sangat about the happenings, as most of the things do come in local newspapers, but not in national media.

He said ‘I’ve always feared a Shia-Sunni type divide in Sikhs, and have tried my best to stop it, despite provocation from some anti and pro Dasam baani people, but now they have taken this route, worse times are coming ahead, these politicians will not let us live peacefully, what shall we do? I asked Gyani ji, what you think will happen? His answer ‘’we people have always said that Dasam baani is baani of Warriors and brave hearts. So now the warriors have to wake up, they have to Simar bhagauti and get ready for next level (sacrifice). They want us to fall in their trap and do something stupid, but we need to be careful and channelize our energy in positive parchar and if time comes and we have to face tortures, be ready for them’’. We have to prove that Dasam baani is indeed baani of brave hearts.

There were so many things to share, but he stopped me from writing other things. People sitting in foreign countries don’t know anything about the ground situation in Punjab. We think that just by shouting slogans and holding protests in those countries we’ll achieve something, but it’s much tougher. First of all we have to rise up to help those, stand with those who are facing injustice in these times, just for speaking for Guru and Panth. Because the day need arises for Kurbaani, people living here, mone or Amritdhari are going to be the first ones in line of Fire.

So it’s a benti to sangat, please go out in your Gurudwaras, Sabhas, and groups and wake up people to the reality. Tell them about the conspiracy which has been hatched against us, to make us sheep from lions. Tell them how these fake missionaries, singh sabhiye and fake khalistanis (Police cats) are trying to divide Panth in parts. Tell the sangat how the empires are standing with them at their back, against us, the believers of baani of Dasmesh pita, the followers of maryada of Khalsa Panth. We have our own issues, problems between us, but the enemy we face today is much dangerous and deadly than our internal issues.

Unity is the need of hour. Please unite and play your part for this mission of Panth, for baani of Guru and honour of our Parcharaks.

Akaal ji Sahai!

Kamaljeet Singh Khalsa

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