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don't we pray gurus more than their message

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if we pray gurus more than their message

we are doing same as christians are doing with the christ and muslims with mohammad.

the matter here arises no guru ever propagated to do anything that might have happened in his life and neither does gurbani which is universal has any concern with life of any idividual.

if our gurus were sons of god then why not christ and mohammad?

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the gurus were souls who were enlightened to the pinnacle of bliss.

guru gobind singh talks of mohammed in bachittar natak. he says god gave him all of arabia and the opportunity to preach a true creed but screwed up because of ego and set up "a cult". this is actually incredibly true - if we look at biographical accounts of mohammed, his original "revalations" were more peaceful and slightly more loving of god when he had little power, but as soon as he had an army and more ego all his "revalations" turned to killing the kufirs!

its also worth mentioning that mohammed was celibate for the first part of his life but had over 11 wives after he had some power (after khadija died).

geeza, no offence, but i am worried about all ur questions so far......im not saying blindly follow, but read into sikhi a little more.....question everything....but dont go criticising everything at every corner.

guru gobind singh said anyone who worships me as god goes straight to jaam.

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God = Ocean

Gurus = BIG glass out of the ocean

Therefore.... in a sense they were part of God... God reides in them... more pure-er than any random life...

So we shud respect them... A LOT...!

What kind of thing is this to question? Everything about the Guru's were about priasing Vaheguru....!!!!!!!

WHy question this? Sikhi gives eveyting.... Mohammed and Jesus were jus otha prophets sent down on earth... to tell the story....

The Guru's gave the actual WORD OF GOD... Bani He Guru - Guru He Bani... The word of the Guru came from God....... u cant say this about any other religion... Sikhi gives u fact!!!! I can say that when i say mool mantar yeah - i know 500 yrs ago - Guru Nanak Dev Ji actually said the EXACT same wordsssss....!! Neither Jesus or Mohammed ever left the word of the Guru... perhaps in different ways - but not 1st hand... so in this case they cudnt really be on same level as guru's. Jus my opinion. EVERYONE is son of God Ji. Just not on same league.

Sorry 4 any mistakes or if i have not bin clear...

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