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Sriman 108 Mahant Pradhan Singh Ji

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Very shocking news. Sriman Mahant Pradhan Singh Ji was a highly respected mahapurush of the Nirmal Bhekh (not Udasis as it states). He was closely connected (through pranali also) with Devapura Ashram in Haridvar and Mahant Darshan Singh Tyagmurti Ji, a link which goes back to Sriman Baba Mishra Singh Ji (who was the illustrious shish of Brahamgyani Thakur Dyal Singh Ji) and Dera Baba Mishra Singh in Amritsar. I was lucky to have darshan of Mahant Ji at the kumbh only a couple of months ago. He was keen to publish the literature of the bhekh and had assisted in publishing two works by Swami Deva Singh Ji. A great loss for the panth. I'll try to add more tomorrow.

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The best thing to do is to wait until those responsible are captured and their reasons are ascertained.

The media is no doubt going to use this incident to portray all Sikhs as terrorists. We do not have to make their job easier. (The same thing happened when the Ravidasi Sant was shot and killed. The media and those enemies who benefit from such crimes tried to paint all Sikhs as terrorists then. It was only later that we found out that it was due to an internal dispute.)

I have a feeling that this crime had nothing to do with religious differences at all.

Let's wait and see, 'k?


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this is probably some babbar khalsa handwork i feel, google for this news and u will come across some posted news as a website http://www.sikharchives.com/?p=5576 quotes him anti sikh !

I've never heard of Mahant Pradhan Singh but im just curious in what way does sikh archives consider him as anti Sikh? You seem the term anti Sikh thrown around way to often.

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that website is anti Dasam Granth, so the word anti sikh coming from them has no cachet whatsoever.

I've read on some news article that they feel the killer was known to the sant.

It is a Kala Afghanist site.

We should not jump to any conclusions without knowing the full facts of who killed the Sant and for what reason. Some here have pointed to Sikh "fanatics", but for all we know this could be an internal dera dispute and the killer could have been a hired hitman.

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Without wanting to add to the 'Cluedo' investigation (speculation) already taking place here, I would just like to say, from what I have come across over the years, these sorts of killings (over control over Dera etc) are becmoing more common. Sadly, since the money aspect has entered the parchaar side, inter jathaa/akaara/dal politics and the related animosity over power has virtually affected all spectrums.

I sincerely hope the above isn't the case.

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