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Taliban Sikhs


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Heres an article from Sikhnet.com thats interesting and quite true even here in the west.

Taliban amongst the Sikhs

Postby Kuldip S. Virdi » Tue May 18, 2010 10:26 pm

The following is the english translation of an article published in Punjabi in The Ajit dated may 1, 2010. The PDF of the original article is available at http://tarlochansingh.com/.


Taliban amongst the Sikhs

Every day there is some news in the papers or on TV Channels regarding Taliban. They are engaged in making people accept their thoughts under compulsions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Wearing of Burqa has been made compulsory for all the women. The non-Muslims are facing atrocities. Jazzia has been imposed on the Sikhs and they are required to wear distinguishing colored clothes. There have been several cases of forcible religious conversions. Even good Muslims are condemning their behavior.

For quite some times, certain elements are visible even amongst Sikhs who consider themselves the gatekeepers of Sikhi. But they are doing actions which are similar to those of Taliban. Sikh religion promotes accommodation and reconciliation (forebearance) with the others. The Gurudwaras are common for all. The bani preaches to the whole humanity. However, several Sikhs consider it their personal legacy (jagir) and do not want any one to come near it. Some time back, there was an event organized in Delhi by the efforts of Saradar Vikramjeet Singh Sahani in which Dr. Ashok Chopra issued a disc containing shabads from the gurbani. Dr. Chopra’s daughter and famous Indian Film Star Priyanka Chopra was also present during the event. Dr. Chopra, wearing a turban recited one shabad and it was highly appreciated by the people present in the function. When, he returned to Mumbai, some Sikh young men threatened him demanding from him how could he wear a turban when he does not have facial hair. According to them only a Pooran Swaroop Sikh of the guru can wear the turban. Like Taliban they ordered him that he should apologies for his sin and promise that he will never repeat it. I spoke to Sardar Sapra in Mumbai, who is a Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra and is connected with certain cultural organization reminding him that turban is not worn by the Sikhs only, it is worn by Rajputs and several people from Indian hills. In the erstwhile, Patiala State, every Hindu and Muslim was wearing turbans. Dr. Chopra had issued a disc of Gurbani shabads out of his devotion and done the sewa but what treatment has been meted to him will prevent any one else from showing devotion and respect towards the Gurbani.

Some days ago certain Sikh young men reached the Chela Ram’s Gurudwara on Pusa Road, New Delhi and wanted to take away the SGGS from there. The whole world knows that amongst Sindhi people what respect and status is enjoyed by Bhai Laxman Das. He has been doing Kirtan of the Gurbani all over the world. The Sindhi have been pushed out of most of the Gurudwaras for various actions of certain Sikhs. They have great devotion towards Guru Nanak but certain of our Sikhs dislike it. It is our efforts that the Parkash of the SGGS has been discontinued from Radha Soami Satsang. We have a battle going on with the Nirmala Sants. We have forgotten that maximum propagation of the Gurbani has been done by the Nirmala Society. Earlier, Tibetan people used to come to Amritsar for pilgrimage. They are seldom seen presently. In reality, we chased them away. We pushed away the people who considered Guru Nanak as their lama. The service and regard of the SGGS is necessary, but our Guru is the Shabad, which we have forgotten. For more than 100 years several Sikhs are living overseas. They must have transported the SGGS by ships or aero planes. What has happened towards depressed sections of the society in Punjab will it have positive results for us ? Think, that we have picked up fights on small issues. Think some times that people following Quran and Bible are increasing. We say that it is only us who give full respect to the SGGS. With this, the influence of the Mosque and Churches is increasing. Several Sikhs in Punjab have converted to Christianity. I saw once a five year old standing in the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi waiting to accept the kadah prasad. The bhai serving the Prasad told him to go away and come back after covering his head. We are happy exhibiting the naked swords. Which religious issue is associated with it. A few days ago I was in Canada and read in the news paper that one Sikh person attacked another with the ceremonial kirpan worn. by Sikhs. The kirpan is our religious symbol of our identity is the argument with which we obtain the permission from the various Governments to wear it. How has it become a weapon?

I have written all this with the intention of showing that certain fundamentalist Sikhs in order to express their devotion towards the Sikhi are damaging the interest of the whole Sikh Religious Community (Kaum). They are imposing restrictions on the spread of the Sikhi. Please do not come in the way of the spread of the sweet scent of the Sikhi. Any one can adopt it. The Gurbani is of the whole humanity not for us alone. Do not do the knick picking in every one. Let the Non Sikhs also enjoy the pleasure of the company in the lotus feet of the Gurus. Do not become obstruction for them.

Tarlochan Sing, Member of Parliament,

B-5, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg,

New Delhi-110003.


Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh,

Kuldip Singh

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article added.
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Very relevant. You should copy and paste the full article in the original post Jattboot.

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Chela Ram has more respect for Sikhism than anyone else. They have kept Sri Guru Granth Sahib for decades with all due respect. All of sudden, Paramjit Singh Sarna verses Prakash Singh Badal starts and we see him as Anti Sikh... :) This is just my assumption and I may be totally wrong but few men are doing it on purpose in Delhi. The both parties may be funding to bring instability in both parties area.

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It is our efforts that the Parkash of the SGGS has been discontinued from Radha Soami Satsang.

obviously tarlochan singh doesnt know much about the radha swamis. i went a radha swami "meeting" recently, and im sure i wouldnt want to see Gurus saroop in that place.

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the Message of Love and Openness in Gurbani is important just as Maryada & Satkaar for Gurbani is important. i guess there's a balance to be struck.

bhekh/dakhaavaa is with those who adopt a garb but not the values but also those who claim to have the values but in reality dont put them into practise.

too often people come to GuruJi/GuruGhar with an Agenda - chathraiaan and chalakiaan.

if it's not a "Member of Parliament" looking to raise support then it's "Filmi Actress" doing publicity.

"Radha Soami" have been using GuruJi to entice people towards their cult for hundreds of years.

these labels only matter to us, it doesnt matter to our Guru if your sindhi, tibetan, etc those who have shardhaa and pyaar also have satkaar and will put values they claim to hold into practise.

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