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** Sikhi Camp 2010 ** 23-28Th August

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh

Hope you are all well.

We are sending out information about this year's Sikhi Camp that is taking place in August. As you may or may not be aware Sikhi Camp is a great opportunity for young like minded Sikhs to get together and learn from each other in non-judgemental and fun location. Sikhi Camp has been running for over fourteen years and time and again we have seen many young Sikhs flourish in the atmosphere. We genuinely believe the camp to be ideal for those studying at college and university who wish to learn more about themselves and their faith.

Sikhi Camp applications are now OPEN so if you know of anyone who might benefit from a week of Sikhi please give then a nudge and spread the word.

There is also a great need for sevadars like yourselves who can share and give their experience of life to the students.

Please take a few minutes to look at the information below and previous year's camps at www.sikhicamp.org. Spread the word and we hope to see you there!

Take care


** SIKHI CAMP 2010 **

23-28th August

How does one week of chilling out at an amazing outdoor activity centre based in the beautiful countryside sound? One week of outdoor activities, trekking, martial arts, football, army and team activities? One week to learn about your faith, ask questions, experience Sikhi and be amazed! One week to get to know other young Sikhs (there's going to be 250+ of you there!!) And even better … one more week away from the old folks!!!

Yup well thats not all, were also going to provide excellent sleeping quarters, the best in desi and balethi food and we'll even provide the transport to take you there! Can you believe all of this for just £90!! Yeh we know it sounds too good to be true … which is why you need to send in your applications before the guys in finance find out!!

If you're the kinda guy/girl that has questions about the bigger picture, if you wonder why we do what we do as Sikhs, if you want to learn more but don't know how, if you want to experience something but cant quite figure out what or how, then this is the place for you!

With talks and group discussions in English, Kirtan and Katha with English translations and explanations, every camper is welcome to get involved, learn and participate as much as possible. And hey guys, it doesn't matter how little or how much you think you know about Sikhi, everyone is welcome!! Blocked image)

If you want to see what we actually get upto, then check out the pictures and videos from our last few camps and see what an amazing experience you could be having!



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