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Pakistan Blocks Facebook


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source: http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2010/05/19/pakistan-facebook-blocked.html

Please post your thoughts here..!!!

Whilst I don't agree with knee jerk reaction of banning facebook or extreme steps i.e- advocating violence over "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! " with that being said, muslims have every right to be disappointed, hurtful and outrage of someone mocking their prophet that they look up to.

Sikhs should embrace ourselves too, amount of mocking of prophet figures that freelance reporter or journalist doing these days under hood of freedom of speech is disguisting. Sooner or later, days are not very far, where some twat draws sri guru gobind singh ji picture in mocking way just to get mick out it or reaction out of it or prove he/she can practice their rights all in hood of freedom of speech even when it hurts other sentiments.

Please look at the link above and look at the comments there, its disgusting, anglo saxon western society cannot fathom the fact by creating an cartoon of prophet like figure its hurtful to devotees because love for that prophet, its not cartoon but mocking intentions behind it.

I hope our muslims brother shouldn't take any extreme approach like banning facebook or sending death threats to poster or threatening to blow , that will add more fuel to the fire, innocent people will die and be stuck in this vicious cycle. What they should do is take an proactive approach first educating/creating awareness of their beliefs to journalist/person who publishing these cartoons if issue cannot be rectified than take tit for tat approach by mocking journalist who have mocked prophet figures in cartoon not just mock the journalist but mock by using pictures of deceased relatives/family of an person who mock prophet like figures publish them on websites that way person who is on high horse of freedom of speech can taste some of their own medicine. I know it sounds evil and i also know two wrong does not make it right but this is only way in kalyug too tackle this madness attitude of Anglo Saxon western society mocking religious with mocking intention using prophet figures/statues- budda, mohammad, ganesh, shiva in cartoon or fashion statement just to see reaction and so that they can get mick out of it.

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