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Lust - Kamadeva & Ratidev

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where would you like to be with KamDev and Ratidev?

well I dont mind being up there in the heavens with the devte!

IMO being devte, albeit lower than say Braham, Shiv and Vishnu, they should still be accorded the respect for who they are. But if you consider lust and passion wrong thenyou cant really hold them in the same esteem?

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Lust or Kaam are not in an objective sense good or bad. The devte symbolise certain laws or functions that occur within creation. Kaam is essential for creation - pravritti - and destruction of lust is essential for return - nivritti -. The Devte represent forces of creation or original models upon which our actions are based through a reflection of their force from celestial to earthly levels. Every act in heaven, symbolised by the devte, is the cause of acts that occur on earth. But on Earth the acts are fragmentary and pale reflections of their celestial origins. It may be useful to ponder the three levels of adhibhautik, adhyatmic and adhidaivik. These correspond to the three worlds, the kathas of the devte and devian belong to the adhidaivik level. Which is above the adhyatmic level which could be called psychological level. Basically because of the unsayable nature of the uppermost third adhidaivik world it can only be described in our language through allegories symbols and metaphors but even these are inept at understanding this level.

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