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Anyone that has done any serious research into Shaolin knows that there is a lot more to it than acrobatic west end shows. It's the most celebrated and knowledgable institution on traditional combat on Earth, having absorbed nearly everysingle style that the monks ever came across over its massive history.

Dalsingh enquired a while back about Shaolin, there is a very talented Afghan who lives in the East End who has won numerous competitions and has some of the most awesome kicks around, but I dounbt many here would want to study with a Muslim...

There is the official UK representative of Shaolin based in London, this guys is absolutley a fighting machine, he has studied many Shaolin Systems (there are over 300) and has mastered Iron Fist and Iron Jacket, details here:


If you fancy a trip to India, then Kanishka Sharma is your man. This guy is a devoted and highly talented martial artist who has traditional Shaolin training as well as the deadly Filipinpo Pekiti Tirsia, he teaches both in full combat applicational mode for those who don't want to spend time with the real learning (mastering priniciples):


Check out their numerous videos on you tube if interested.

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