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Sikhs Should Worship


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  1. 1. Sikhs should worship

    • Akal
    • His power (Shakti)
    • Creations created with Shakti (everything that existed in this time and space including devtas, devis and avtars)
    • Guru

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First clear distinction has to be made between praising and worshiping. I believe lot of people are confusing praising with worshiping. According to Gurmat worshiping is naam abhyaas on vahiguroo nirgun via shabad which covers nirgun and sargun aspects of vahiguroo ie- chands in jaap sahib,mool mantar, gurmantar..... praising is praising vahiguroo's in sargun saroop- parkirti, sargun pasara, shakti among all other attributes.

According to Gurmat, sargun saroop, parkirti, shakti form of vahiguroo whichever form it might be its praised not worshiped in sri guru granth sahib ji, sri dasam granth, there many glorifying examples already posted on the forums.

If we understand this distinction, every doubts will vanish and there won't be any dubta on this.

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my choice is;-

akaal - ie nirgun vaheguru

shakti - ie weapons/swords are worshipped as a shakti against evil. Gurbani is also shakti of Gyaan

what is meant by guru? is the poll refering to Guru Nanak or worldy guru's ?

if refering to Guru Nanak then i also tick this aswell as Sargun Vaheguru

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