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Najis Sect In Islam


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Who is the Naji sect of Islam? According to the Zindagi namah it is the one sect of the 72 sects of Islam that will achieve liberation.

I've tried to google it but could'n find anything on it

That part of Zindagi Namah is quoting a prophecy of Mohammed which says that, on the day of judgement, there will be 72 sects of Islam which are Jehannumi (from hell) and the 73rd is Naji (blessed - literally, naji means "saved"). It's the naji sect that will be given entry to heaven, the rest will perish.

There is no sect called naji, but all sects of Islam claim that they are naji.


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Interesting. So it is preety much talking about a specific individual type of muslims that will be liberated, and not a certain sect as such.

There are lots of different theories depending on which "Sheikh" you talk to, but what you say above makes the most sense from a Gurbani perspective.


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