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How Not To Do It - Dog Brothers


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At least 1000% better than any choreographed, neat and tidy, stick twirling 'demo' gatka I've seen over the years.

That was real martial arts and all those who were fighting appeared to be game.

If gatka was anything like that, it would probably make a real difference in the quom.

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"That was real martial arts and all those who were fighting appeared to be game."

MLOL. I am truly lost for words.

Dalsingh, I hope you understand that what you have watched does not represent real combat with knives, swords or sticks for that matter. This was nothing more than a supervised licence for unskilled aggression loosely based on the highly diluted Filipino 'sports' stick fighting contests, which true Masters do not even give the time of day to. These people actually create a false economy for these video game lovers, making them think they are part of some 'true warrior/fighting brotherhood'. On the street there is no helmet, gloves or referee/supervisor. It's a totally different game. Getting hit in the head 100 times (wearing a helmet) and continuing fighting does not do anything for ones study of real skill and understanding that one correct hit in the head will in actual fact end an encounter. Real martial artists study for years to ensure that 1st 'on-target' strike is from their weapon, in a perfectly times/distanced/angled manner.

Gatka is the Sikh equivalent of an organised sport and not real combat, but at least it has a clear points system and therefore a purpose i.e. a winner based on the highly restricted rules.

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