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Taking Amrit

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I’m taking Amrit on 20th June this year so basically in 3 weeks. At Gurdwara GNNSJ Birmingham one on Soho Road. My question is has anyone taken amrit from that gurdwara? What should I expect? Anything I should know do’z and dont’z.

I’m nerves because my Punjabi is not that good so if I knew how everything is done at GNNSJ that would be great. Also is it best to stay there over night a couple of days etc

Thank you


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Their amrit sanchaar is akin to Taksali, as are their rehits.

You don't need to be nervous. Do ishaan in the morning before you go, but don't use toilet thereafter, I would advise against eating/drinking night before or in the morning, as you need to do ishnaan again if you use toilet.

They prefer girls to wear chuniyan, but you are wearing a dastaar, make sure your kes are easily accessable (by lifting tip lad of dastaar). ensure you are wearing kacherai, kara, kirpan, kanga.

Stay focused on the ceremony night before/on the morning, understand, that you 'are' going to have darshan of Guru Gobind Singh. Don't let there be any shanka (doubt).

Have love in your heart, understand and meditate on what the ceremoy actually means, how lucky you are to have this opportunity.

After the ceremony, you will hopefully feel a buzzing (if you have entered it with love and trust), this is the power of amrit (naam shakti conducted into amrit by 5 pyare via 5 banian and sarbloh), don't take this feeling for granted. To maintain it requires unbroken simran thereon, every day, every amritvela if you can. If you have gaps or don't do Mool/Gur Mantar the 'feeling' will disappear and may be very difficult to regain.

Listen carefully to teh rehits, if you dno't understand them, ask to see the Panj Pyare after teh ceremony and do a benti to explain in English.

Congratulations in advance Bhenji, it will be a life changing day, I pray you haev darshan of our Gur-Pita and that your jeevan becomes meaningful adn blissful.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fat-heh||

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