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Killing Of Dalits In Haryana


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The Supreme Court on Wednesday slammed the Haryana government for the brutal killing of two Dalits and destruction of 150 houses in Mirchpur, Hissar, on April 21 allegedly by upper caste people and warned it would "take a very serious view" if such incidents recurred.

A vacation bench of Justices G S Singhvi and C K Prasad pulled up the state government for its failure to prevent the incident, reportedly a fallout of a dog belonging to people of the (Valmiki) Dalit community barking at some upper caste Jat boys.

"Admittedly it started after a dog belonging to the Valmiki community barked at upper caste boys. Is it a ground for murdering people? Even dogs will not be killed for such purposes, otherwise, there will be no dogs left," the bench remarked.

The apex court passed the observation while rejecting the submission of senior counsel H S Hooda, who contented that the incident occurred after a wordy duel between youths belonging to the two communities on a trivial issue.

The apex court recorded an undertaking from the Haryana Government that it would rebuild some of the houses damaged in the arson and provide employment to at least one member of each affected family under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or other government-sponsored schemes by the next hearing.

"Unfortunately in Haryana such incidents are repeatedly occurring without sensitivity. We hope there will be no further incidents. If it occurs and this court finds the state lacking, we will take a very serious view," the bench warned.

The apex court expressed displeasure at the manner in which the state government failed to anticipate the situation and prevent the incident.

"What did the SSP, the district commissioner and other senior officers do to prevent the possible occurrence? We want the state government to conduct a thorough probe and fix responsibility on superior officers, suspension of SHO or thesildar hardly makes a difference," the bench observed.

The apex court said the state had a duty to protect the lives of citizens.

"If we have a rule of law nobody can violate it howsoever, big they may be. It is the first duty of the state to protect its citizens and residents," the bench said.

The apex court directed the district commissioner, Hissar, to visit the Valmiki Temple in the capital where the victims are presently taking shelter to assess the damage, examine the cause and file a report to it within four weeks.

It further asked the advocate general of Haryana to appoint a two-member committee of advocates which will visit the affected village as also the Valmiki temple to ascertain the cause and extent of damage to the properties of the victims.

The committee would also submit its report to the court in four weeks.

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The way I see it, the Jatt community is going to have serious bad karma for such kartootan - some would argue this is already happening.

This type of 5hite has been going on for too long now. It is time people recognised that it is an aspect of Jatt culture that is responsible for this. I'm not saying being from another jaat is some guarantee of not being an @rsehole, but that mix of swagger and outdated notions of innate supremacy that is drummed into far too many brothers inevitably leads to this type of crap. Throw in intergenerational nufrat spanning God knows how many centuries on top of it as well.

We can NEVER truly progress as a positive, righteous community with this going on between us. Each and every one of us has a choice, either continue perpetuating it through active or surreptitious collusion, or even silent apathy. Or condemn this hate filled shite openly and vocally on principle and when witnessing bullshit, until it becomes a socially unacceptable practice. We have no excuse not to in the west, whatever our pindu brethren do.

How can we complain about whitey's bullshit (or any one elses) when our own are doing this?

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Anyone who has little knowledge of haryana knows that words like "jaat gujjar kaa ilaaka hai kaat ke phenk denge are common" .Even In 1984 riots the the three communitties that were involved in killing of sikhs were jaats, Gujjars and chamars .These three communities have worst reputation

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In haryana dalits are regularly attacked and killed yet

they hardly retaliate or threaten to leave hinduism On the other hand in Punjab Dalits and jat sikhs regularly clash and dalits always threaten to leave sikhsim and some even create their new religion

Majority of Dalits in Punjab are Hindus not Sikhs and the so called Ravidasia always register themself as Adi Dharmi a Hindu Scdule Caste . I dont know why no Sikhs organisation comeout for Dalit Support. Sikhs supported Gujjars against State government . I dont know how many of you knows that Sikhs Helped christians when Hindu mob attack them in Haryana .


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