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Us Army/marine Field And Training Manuals


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Here's a source for US Army and USMC field and training manuals in pdf format for $3US each:


It's a good source for what's out there though you may be able to find some of them on the web for free. I read the USMC small-unit tactics and army FMs on counterinsurgency interesting in light of how the US were fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.


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Demonoid.com routinely has massive packages of military manuals and related ebooks uploaded.

Also, check out http://www.prophecykeepers.com/ for a massive ebook collection.

Nice find! Are you on the survivalistboard.com forums?


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no, i'm not a member of that forum. since you guys are interested in survivalism, i'll post some more interesting links i've found.

http://ferfal.blogspot.com/ this is the blog of a person raising his family in argentina after the economic collapse. he describes various security and surivival strategies, what to do in tight situations, how to manage economics. basically, this is the ultimate realist survivalist blog. non of that crazy mad max fantasy stuff, just the real deal.

http://geraldcelentechannel.blogspot.com/ Gerald Celente is one of the foremost trends spotters and he's worth watching to get an idea of what may come in the future. the author of the blog isn't celente himself, and seems to like all sorts of even tangentially related topics.

let me know if you guys want invites to demonoid.

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Kalyug, it would be good if you could maybe focus on what you consider to be core topics in the manual, and present a synopsis of each bit by bit, for all to learn, examine and comment on.


That is probably going to be very difficult if not outright impossible because the manuals are in a lot of jargon and contain a lot of important info (in the context of the manual) in a very short space.

However, I asked someone who would know about an easier way of understanding the practical aspect of some of the things described in the manuals and they recommended the following two books:

Afghan Guerilla Warfare

Tactics of the Crescent Moon

The first book gives you scenarios drawn from the Soviet Afghan War to which you have to plan an appropriate response. The second goes on to describe in more detail the small unit strategy of Iraqis and Afghani fighters (which is much more useful and interesting - at least until we have Khalistani generals). They are both written from the perspective of an infantryman rather than the intelligence community and war planners. I've got them both on order and will try to give a synopsis of each when I am done with them.

Thanks for the TV recommendation, btw.


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Zombie Survival Wiki

Because if you're prepared for zombies, you're prepared for anything.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak I

Dead Frontier: Outbreak II

A couple of text-based zombie survival games that measure your survival skills and your daya (to ensure your actions are Dharmic).

Zombie Pandemic

A much more complicated zombie survival game which is free and that you do not have to download to play.


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Just a word of caution guys.

In the current climate possesing these books could get you into trouble with the authorities or at least make you 'persons of interest'.

However there are a couple of other books that are quite interesting to survivalists/soldiers etc amongst others (nudge, nudge, wink ,wink) .

Regarding these military manuals (-haven't read theese though) from my experience the information is usually outdated. Esp with wars going on in Afghan, tactics are changing on a monthly basis, even weekly.

As with everything reading is one thing, actually doing it when your're freezing cold at night, hungry, tired is a whole new world. Eg urge to give up and lie down to quietly die is strong when simply making a hot drink to keep you alive in this situation takes you twice or thrice the time. Unless you have drilled these methods into your heads continously, perish the thought that you have even learnt anything simply by reading a manual.

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