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Cold Steel July 4 Sale


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

See here:


The sale is advertised on Lynn Thompson's Special Projects page. Lots of nice toys there. For those in the UK, be aware that you shouldn't buy anything from the Nightshade series of knives since they are classed as stealth weapons and are therefore illegal. Push daggers like the Safe Keeper series are also illegal.

If any of you wanna go halves with me on the 2 for $150 Rajah I's, let me know.



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Kaljug isnt everything on there illegal?

cant justify having a flickknife to a copper.

that said, i didnt get some stealth and knuckle knives before the law was passed :)

In the UK, some things are illegal to own as well as carry (push daggers, stealth knives, brass knuckles), others are legal to own but illegal to carry (almost all of the knives on that website). I wouldn't suggest carrying a Rajah I in your pocket while shopping at Tesco, but there's nothing to stop you owning one. And yes, the police can pretty much prosecute you for carrying anything with a blade, even if you have good reason (i.e., you are going hunting or fishing). Recent knife law in the UK has been pretty dumb and completely reactionary (someone got stabbed with a knife, therfore all knives must be banned for everyone), but it's wise to be aware of it.

Ghost Writer:

I know that brass knuckles, push daggers, and knives that open due to gravity are illegal in Canada, but I'm not sure about anything else. You might want to give this website a read before you buy anything:




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