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Khalsai Da Haq


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When Guru Gobind Singh Ji finally won over Lachman Das>Madho Das and gave him khande battai da amrit and named him Gurbakhs Singh... Banda Bahadur was told the stories of the Guru's sacrifices and the magnificent (and heart rendering) shaheediyan of his parvaar.

Banda Bahadur wept. He looked at his Gur-Pita and begged... "please... give me permission to annihilate your enemies/wrong doers".

Guru Ji smiled, he gave Banda the source of power, the very Khanda with which the nectar of immortality was prepared. Banda grabbed the Khanda with the most intense passion and determination.

As soon as this happened, some Singhs sitting at Gurus charan leapt up like Lions and snatched the Khanda away from Banda. Banda, shocked at this action, looked at his Guru in dismay. Guru Ji smiled and laughed. They stood up and said 'Aj merai Khalsai nu apna haq pachhan na a-te lehna aagya'. Today, my Khalsa has learned to recognise and TAKE what is theirs (rights).

So long as Banda Bahadur recognised the Khalsas rights, he would be allowed to serve them.

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