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Akaal Ustat With English Translations


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To continue to encourage those who wish to learn Gurbani, Sri Akaal Ustat will be available freely on Youtube.com/Sikhi for streaming, and on www.Sikhee.com on www.RajKaregaKhalsa.Net for downloading.

It will be available in .wmv for computers, .mp4 for iPods etc and any other format sangat wants.


Akaal Ustat: This is the second ballad of Dasam Guru Durbar is composed of 271 verses, and is largely devotional in nature. 'Akal' translates to 'Immortal' and 'Ustat' translates to 'praise of'. The text describes the many forms of the Almighty in nature, and how mankind perceives this great entity. The nature of the ballad is inherently paradoxical. Many paradoxical questions are asked and some answered. The ballad itself has been left unfinished (as the praise of the Almighty can never end).

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