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Dhadi Vaaran

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is a link to classic collection of Dhadi Prasangs from a legendary Dhadi.

Sadly, upon his death, Sohan Singh Seetals family refused to share the vast collection of prasangs which he had acquired (puratan) as well as written. I am not sure whether the above are those hidden works or works that were already in circulation.

What I really want to see is young Singhs from the UK (West generally) promoting Dhadi Vaaran and Kavishree and helping to organise stage space for Dhadis on all occassion, so that they are once again an intricate part of Gurus darbaar.

What is needed is translation seva, I have persuaded some jathai already and they are keen as they know it will help keep there delicate tradition alive. Kids generally are not interested as Dhadi Vaaran are usually based on ithihaasik granths and spoken powerfully, in poetic Punjabi, which is not easy to understand for those who are not from a strong Punjabi speaking family. Even if only the sung elements are translated and put on the projecter screen, that would make a world of difference.

If anyone is interested in translation seva, kindly send me a PM.

Same goes for the translation of these great books and prasangs.

No one can tell a story like a Dhadi - their excellent command of poetry and Punjabi, intertwined with great ithihaasik knowledge, alongside their expertise in emotional psychology... makes a Dhadis rendition the best par none.

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