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Try applying a good quality oil (very small amount) right after you shampoo your dara in the morning i.e. whilst its still wet.

Better than gel in my opinion, your dara looks natural, feels soft and light, no dandruff and rebellious hairs are brought under control also!

Gel just adds weight to your dara, and frankly, makes Sikhs look like turbaned 60s Mafiosos (unless thats the objective)!

Also, if you have dandruff problem, try washing your dara with yogurt and added lemon juice for around a week.

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I worked out a good simple way recently, before you go in the shower just wet your dhari and cover it in conditioner. Then with your kanga just comb the whole dhari with the conditioner in it,you want to comb it so it looks how you want it to look (obviously it will be alot more smooth and in place than when you have washed it out!) then I just wash it out towards the end of the shower, pat it gently with the towel so its only damp (dont move the dhari out of place though), then apply a little bit of oil over the whole dhari, still taking care not to let it get out of place. In a few minutes time it will start curling again but hopefully it will look nice and will stay put more or less in the places you combed it earlier.

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Yes, it does both. I wouldn;t use milk, just dhahee, and not the set stuff, either home made or the cheap stuff you get from the corner shop with a black and white cow design on the pot.

The dahee needs to be khutta, which is also why I suggest adding a little lemon juice to. This has cleaning agents, and also is acidic enough to remove dry skin and leave a fresh smell. The dhahee has enough fat for conditioning.

Takes a bit of getting used, even if you apply a little oilc after in the shower fine, just experiement and be patient.

Silence, you should open a salon.

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some singhs have more oil than a damaged BP oil rig!


Would have been even more funny if the Gulf of Mexico wasn't being destroyed as we speak.

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