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Sikhi Rap

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WJKK WJKF gur pyare sat sangat

uh uh uh uh huh here goes This rap is about my father, brother, friend.

His name was Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji till the end. He was born in 20th October 1469, his place of birth was Talwandi Nankhana Sahib Pakistan. He had a mother who was called Mata Tripta, and also a father whose name was Sri Kalu Mehta. Now folks Siri Guru Nak Dev Ji wasn't only a friend he was a teacher a Guru the kindest of men. He was the founder of Sikhism down in 1469 he had something to him which made him shine. Now Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji had gian knowledge within and gave it to whoever where down with it or came in. He was also a person who was absorbed in thee. Now who ever else wanted to be absorbed in thee, had to be clean from inside and be in his hukam u see, and this is how u would obtain thee. Thee is the name for Waheguru ji from the rap as u all can see Now that's the end of the rap my friends we gonna conclude here folks and thanks again. Now Gur pyare sat sangat i hope i haven't offended anyone with this i am a beginner and this is something i have just come up with thank u God for this. i hope i haven't offended anyone with this rap if so bhul chuk maf karne. So to the end the rap finally once more let's Jap Waheguru Waheguru and Waheguru some more. Waheguru is the doer. I’m, we are nothing were not even a sacrifice even once to u almighty Waheguru


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