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Long Term Impact Of Afghan/iraqi Jung On Britain


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What do the sangat feel will be the long term implications of the recent jungs the Anglo-Saxons have embroiled themselves in chasing after Bush?

I was wondering if the banking sector problems and their impact on the economy coupled with the high cost of war - itself in the context of a rapidly emerging eastern economy will change this country forever? Or are we just in a temporary phase and things will soon be back to normal in a few years/decades?

I noticed having a non Eurocentric leader in America changes the game too, but what happens when another Anglo republican (or a pet of theirs like Jatti Nikki Hayley), inevitably gets the throne. Will we again see a reemergence of the now centuries old attempts to dominate global resources and politics by a certain type of white man, or is that racket over?

What do you think?

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long term i think there will be more political unstability in this country, cos the gore are getting well pissed off, over the brits role in these wars. i think that certain attitudes towards us "pakis" and "turbanators" are not really gonna get too better. I can see more people drifting towards right-wing than centre/left. especially as the wars in iraq/afghan have resulted in large numbers of refugees here.

sometimes im even too afraid to ride my bike through the park if there are gore there, and take the longer way home.

the other things you mentioned, i dont know.

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look up trends research centre. Gerald Celente has a fantastic track record and predicts ww3 if iran is attacked. Already russia and china have alliances with each other. Check out sau sakhi and what it says about russia and china attackign bharat.

Celente also says the economic recovery si false. b/c the countries are producing nothing, they are using debt to stimulate a false recovery, all that's doing is buying time but will make the final descent into debt much much deeper. Celente also mentions USA always goes to war as a profit making motive when it has debt issues.

We're looking at the game changer here, where life as we know it will change forever in our lifetime in such a marked way that people who are alive now cannot imagine it.

Gyani Thakur Singh also told me that this is how wwiii starts, that there will be a lot of smaller jungs that will build up into world war.

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I think we may be talking about smaller scale, widespread urban warfare than fully blown out affairs. Like what is happening in India with the Naxalites, but spread everywhere with different causes.

I am a bit wary (in the healthy way) with prophecies myself. I've been hearing about impending doom since I was a lad..1999,2000, 2008 etc. etc.

The earlier point about America (or indeed any other nation with high tech weapons) in a scenario where there is chaos is interesting. With some nations unable to do anything about it (because of poor military technological advancement), will some more powerful nations go for broke when the chips are down? Anglos certainly have a long 'form' for this. It isn't hard to imagine certain people making excuses to invade a country for what they want.....wait a minute....they've already tried that with Iraq...

Chatanga - Reflecting on your post (the bit about the park). I've lived in black areas, white areas, grew up in a very mixed area and am now living in a very brown area. In white and mixed areas I've always had to contend with racism but now being in a brown area in East London (ended up here unplanned), it is the first time I have lived without it. I tell you it feels very nice and secure. Before, one had to acknowledge the impact of racial political events on the ground level, but where I am now, it doesn't matter for shite. It's a good feeling. Being a majority has its upside. Even if the browns around me are mostly sullay of various nationalities.

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he didn't mention specifics like that.

but how could it not??

Xyl, it could be that the west (i.e. EU, US) or another powerful nation (Russia) cause the widespread conflict? These days sullay don't engage in far away missions of conquest like they used to. Usually they are bothersome to their immediate neighbours, even other sullay of differing dominations i.e. Shia-Sunni.

Hypothetically speaking it could be a widespread sulla reaction to western domination that kicks off the conflict mentioned by Giani Thakur Singh? Some would argue this has already started. When I listened to Gianai ji's parchaar (I think you posted it), he mentions natural events like pole reversal as being underlying factors.

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makes sense. but today, sullay's immediate aim is massive harm to the enmey. they know they cannot take over. if they could, they would try, just like the anglos.

They are doing two things. First a robust guerrilla campaign against the enemy on their turf i.e Afghanistan, secondly, greater numerical growth on enemy turf. Brilliant strategy.

Anglos too are in the business of conversions, albeit a more subtle cultural one. They have their successes too, like Nicky Halley.

Our own lot.....<groan> too busy fighting over scraps and theology.

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