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Nandchand And Udasi Sant

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Guru Gobind Singh ji sent his messengers to dhirmal to get back the Aad Granth. When they arrived there and requested the Aad Granth dhirmal got up and angrily said "i will not give it you. I would have given it to someone else but not Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If he is on the gaddi of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji then he should himself by his powers write the Granth down by himself.

The messengers went back and told Guru Ji what dhirmal said. So Guru ji knew if he did not write down the Guru Granth Sahib then people will say what sort of a guru is he. Just like Narada Muni who doubted his guru. Narayana the supreme Purusha had narada muni reincarted in the 84 lakh joons because of him doubting his guru.

At that time there were other Aad granths around. There was one whom bhai banno ji had and one that an udasi sant had.

So Guru ji could have gotten those. But people would have started doubting the Guru. So Guru ji has everyone probably should know Guru Ji recited it and it took nine months and and eight days to complete.

Also the granth that rhe udasi sant had. He had written it down himself. Very beautifully done. He wanted to present it to the Guru. He gave it to nandchand for safekeeping. But when nandchand saw it and how beautiful it was he said i shall now keep it for myself. One day when the udasi sant came to collect it, nandchand would not give it. When the udasi got a chance to have darshan of guru ji he said, i wanted to present it to you. But nandchand now has it and is adamant upon keeping it. Please have a word with him.

So Guru ji summoned him and asked him about the whereabouts of the granth but he lied in front of guru ji. But the guru was antarjami and knew that he lied. He said to nandchand you have not done good you have lied. The guru said because you are greedy whoever reads the granth and does bhog will be blind. (There was a person who read it and did bhog and he was blind from then on).

The granth is in Darauli village 14 km west of Moga (30°48`N, 75° 10`E), in Faridkot district the village is also famous because baba gurditta was born here.

Also this is taken from another site ( Guru Hargobind who stayed here for fairly long periods on more than one occasion. His brotherinlaw, Bhai Sam Das, the husband of Mata Damodari`s elder sister, Mai Ramori, lived in Darauli. The couple were more than mere relations of the Guru; they were his devoted disciples and felt honoured in rendering service to him. Bhai Sam Das had built a new house, but would not occupy it until the Guru had come and stayed in it.

Their heart`s desire was fulfilled when Guru Hargobind and his family arrived at Darauli in 1613. The Guru`s eldest son, Baba Gurditta, was born here on 15 November 1613. The second long stay of the Guru at Darauli, in 1631, ended sadly. Mata Damodari, Mai Ramon, Bhai Sam Das and the Guru`s parentsinlaw, Bhai Narain Das and Mata Daya Kaur, died one after the other within a few days. After performing the obsequies, Guru Hargobind sent his own family to Kartarpur with Baba Gurditta, and himself went towards Bhai Rupa.)


nandchand was a dewan of Guru Gobind Singh he also foughi in the bhangani war

(who fought with his dagger after his sword broke) this is written in Bichitra natak.

Bhai Nand Chand was the masand of Darauli during Guru Gobind Sihgh`s time.

After the Guru Panj mukte (5 liberated ones), who were Bhai Ram Singh, Bhai Deva Singh, Bhai Tahal Singh, Bhai Ishar Singh and Bhai Fateh Singh who took khanda di pahul. then came the following and in the list is Nand Chand: According to the Guru kian Sakhian, in the next row stood Mani Ram, Bachittar Das, Ude Rai, Anik Das, Ajab Das, Ajaib Chand, Chaupat Rai, Diwan Dharam Chand, Alam Chand Nachna and Sahib Ram Koer, followed by Rai Chand Multani, Gurbakhsh Rai, Gurbakhshish Rai, Pandit Kirpa Ram Datt of Mattan, Subeg Chand, Gurmukh Das, Sanmukh Das, Amrik Chand, Purohit Daya Ram, Barna, Ghani Das, Lal Chand Peshauria, Rup Chand, Sodhi Dip Chand, Nand Chand, Nanu Ram of Dilvali, and Hazari, Bhandari and Darbari of Sirhind.

Please forgive this humble moorakh if he has written anything wrong. If i have please correct me.

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