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Indian Intelligence Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Media Against The Sikhs


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This is no surprise for me, but for my brothers who are pro GOI this video may give them a severe heart attack.

The anti Sikh media reporting is the work of the GOI, especially when it comes to the Air India bombing case. In light of this video it begs the question, if the media was paid/bribed by the GOI, what else did the GOI do in the Air India bombing case? How far did it's hands reach? when will we find out that the GOI was indeed behind the bombing itself? I am certain the GOI is behind the bombing, it is just a matter of time before that fact will also come out, but I will not be surprised if the media will choose to remain silent on this.

Surprisingly of all the media which writes articles after articles about Air India case, hardly anyone mentioned this video which shows the media being paid by the GOI to write against the Sikhs.

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The so-called Intelligence agent seems pretty coy answering these questions. Mind you if that is the kind of intelligence agents Canada has then no wonder the plane blew up.


The above video is mainly about the investigation into the wreckage but it does show in one of the videos that a check clerk broke the rules and checked in luggage when the person checking the luggage for india in didn't have a ticket for the connection to india. Also the xray machine at air india security was broken down! imagine that, GOI had given warnings of a specific threat to AI and yet the xray machine doesn't work. Also the hand held explosives detector had buzzed when held up to the suspect luggage but the sound that was made was different to the one that should have sounded as demonstrated just that morning to the security staff! so they just let the luggage on. very fishy indeed.

It does beg the question as to why the families aren't going after air india for compensation.

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